Last night the Penguins had another disappointing crowd of 13,190. For the 13,000+ that were there, they saw quite a show by Evgeni Malkin. A young exciting team with two bonifide superstars and they still can’t sell out. Don’t blame the fans, blame the ownership. The ticket price for the season ticket plans is perfect. When you can purchase a C-level end zone ticket for $30 and sections A-B range from $50 to $60 per is reasonable and affordable. The average fan can afford those prices. What the average fan can’t afford is the actual gate prices. 35-45 dollars to sit in the upper balcony’s of ‘E’ and ‘F’. You have to be kidding me. It gets worse. $80 for the ‘C’ level end zone seats where half the seats view is blocked by the upper level balcony. We can live with the high prices for sections A-B-C but for the average fan not even being able to walk up to the gate to purchase a ‘D’ or ‘E’ seat without having to dish out around S100 is just ridiculous. Don’t even get us started on the Igloo seats. 3/4 of the home games, the blue seats are not even half full.

Buzzontheburgh’s Final Word
Why does everyone seemed shocked by the way Jordan Staal has performed through 8 games? The kid was the #2 pick. Not everyone is going to have the pedigree of an Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin but regardless of that, no one should be shocked by his performance. Jordan Staal has proved his critics wrong that have said he is to slow to play in the NHL just yet.

Is there a trade in the works?
The buzzontheburgh learned yesterday afternoon that the St.Louis Blues have inquired about defenseman Rob Scuderi. Trying to gather more info on this, and waiting to hear back from a source in St Louis via email. Well keep you posted. The buzzontheburgh has also learned that the Vancouver Canucks are seeking depth upfront and a scout was in attendence last night.

TSN is reporting Karl Stewart has been waived. Not to surprising with the call up of Max Talbot