2009 NFL Draft Rankings: FB

1st Rankings 9/14/08 FULLBACKS
1) Conredge Collins- Pittsburgh, Sr- (6-0 230lbs) Collins is the best blocking back in the country, hands down.
2) Javorskie Lane- Texas A&M, Sr- (6-0 285 lbs) Lane isn’t even close to the blocking back that Collins is, but with the NFL moving away from the conventional fullback, he may end up going before Collins. Lane had over 700 yards rushing last season.
3) Chris Pressley- Wisconsin, Sr- (6-1 259 lbs) He has been a great lead blocker for P.J. Hill so far this season.
4) Brannan Southerland- Georgia, Sr- (6-0 240 lbs) Southerland isn’t the best at anything, but he is a very solid blocker and he had six rushing touchdowns last season.
5) Brock Bolen- Louisville, Sr- (6-0 238lbs) Bolen is a solid NFL prospect, but the fact that he is 24 years old drops him to #5 on my list.
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