1. Brian Cushing- Southern California, Sr- Cushing barely grabs the top spot over Curry. The reason he does take the top spot is because he is a much smarter player than Curry is.
2. Aaron Curry- Wake Forest, Sr- Curry is a player who should be able to transition well to the NFL game. He shows the ability to turn the corner and he is a very good tackler. With that said, he is not a very instinctive player and occasionally gets caught out of position.
3. Marcus Freeman- Ohio State, Sr- Freeman is a very well rounded player who will produce in his first year in the NFL, even if he has to do that on special teams. His biggest area of improvement needs to come on passing downs.
4. Sean Weatherspoon- Missouri, Jr- Weatherspoon is very good in just about every department. He is very solid in pass coverage and he is also a very good tackler. He does have some injury issues that are worrying some teams.
5. Clint Sintim- Virginia, Sr- Sintim is a disciplined player and is also very versatile in the ways that he rushes the passer. His biggest problem at this point is pass coverage where he often gets turned around by athletic Tight Ends.

6. Antonio Coleman- Auburn, Jr- At this point in his collegiate career Coleman is still a defensive end, but he definitely projects as an outside linebacker in the pros so I am ranking him here. Coleman has a great pass rush and is very powerful but we will have to see how his pass coverage comes along this season. He definitely has the opportunity to move up this list.
7. Maurice Crum- Notre Dame, Sr- Crum isn’t the biggest or fastest linebacker, but he makes up for that with very instinctive and intelligent play.
8. Rico McCoy- Tennessee, Jr- McCoy is very quick and explosive. He is a very solid hitter and drops into coverage well. McCoy, like Coleman, is likely to move up this list before the draft.
9. Tyrone McKenzie- South Florida, Sr- McKenzie isn’t the best tackler available, but you could argue him being one of the top three outside linebackers available when it comes to passing downs. He rarely is beat badly and can almost always stay in touch with the receiver.
10. Jonathan Casillas- Wisconsin, Sr- Casillas is a very well rounded linebacker but he is very undersized which is severely hurting his draft stock. He may be moved to safety in the NFL.