9/12/08 1st Rankings
1)Michael Crabtree- Texas Tech, Eligible Soph- (6-3 214lbs) Crabtree has all of the skills necessary to be a top 5 pick. The only thing holding him back is that he plays at Texas Tech. Some are going to attribute his accomplishments to the offense he plays in but let me assure you that this guy is the real deal.
2)Darrius Heyward-Bey- Maryland, Jr-(6-3 206lbs) I am a huge believer in Darrius. He is a phenomenal athlete and he has solid size. If he played with a good quarterback I have no doubts that he would be tied with Crabtree right now. Even playing for Maryland I still think he should be an early to mid 1st rounder.
3)Michael Jones- Arizona State, Sr- (6-4 203lbs)One of Jones’ problems last year was his inconsistency. He has been great thus far this season but we will have to keep a close eye on him to see how he progresses.
4)Jeremy Maclin- Missouri, Eligible Soph- (6-1 200lbs) Maclin is a little injured right now, but nothing big enough to kill his draft stock. He is a very good receiver and there are rumors that he has ran a 4.29 40.
5)Percy Harvin- Florida, Jr-(5-11 195lbs) Harvin is at #5 on my board right now, but his teammate Louis Murphy could end up passing him by the end of the season.

6)Louis Murphy- Florida, Sr-(6-3 205lbs) Murphy has the potential to be a solid option in the NFL. He could slip into the first round if he has a solid senior season.
7)Juaquin Iglesias- Oklahoma, Sr-(6-0 204lbs) Iglesias was overshadowed by Malcolm Kelly last season despite having 68 catches and nearly 1,000 yards. This year Iglesias has the chance to stand out if he doesn’t get to many chances taken away by Jermaine Gresham.
8)Jarrett Dillard- Rice, Sr-(5-11 185lbs) Dillard is a major wild card. Playing for Rice he hasn’t seen too much facing him every week, but he could be a late first day steal.
9)Kenny Britt- Rutgers, Jr- ( 6-4 214lbs) Britt has great speed for his size and could be a great NFL player. With that said, he may want to stay for his final year of eligibility, where he will get the majority of the attention with Underwood leaving after this season.
10)Brian Robiskie- Ohio State, Sr- (6-3 200lbs) Most people have Robiskie higher than this but I just have to disagree. I have never been impressed by Robiskie, and he hasn’t proven me wrong thus far this season (2 GP Р6rec – 49 yards)