Skoyra & Sydor signings


The Penguins made two quality signings last night and after the heartbreak of missing out on Paul Kariya goes away Penguin fans will embrace these signings. Sydor is a perfect mentor for Kris Letang. Sydor at 35 years old is solid two way defenseman who has played on winning teams in Dallas and won a Stanley Cup in Tampa Bay. He will be a valuable asset. Petr Skyora was a eilite player with the New Jersey Devils in the early part of the decade but after bouncing around the league for a couple years Skyora had a breakout season with the Edmonton Oilers scoring 22 goals. Think of the Skoyra signing as a trade for Michel Ouellet. It’s a upgrade for the Penguins but i envision Skyora playing with Evgeni Malkin as the two were in linemates in Russia during the lockout. As i look at the Pengins roster nowRead More »

Penguins had a average first day but it’s only one day


First Scott Hannan, now Paul Kariya. Both players rejected the Penguins today and went the money route. Hannan was a long shot from the begining as the Penguins offered Hannan a 4 year deal worth 15 million. He signed in Colorado for 18 million over four years. Therefore Paul Kariya was very close to a sure thing as some in the organization felt Kariya signing in Pittsburgh was a done deal. Kariya shocked the hockey world tonight signing in St.Louis. They were offering the most money but many felt they were a longshot because they are in rebuilding mode. Looks like money won out once again. Now where do the Penguins go from here. On defense they are serious suitors for Detroit Red Wings defenseman Danny Markov. The Penguins have offered two year deal. There is interest from the Penguins in Andy Sutton. On offense its a different story. TheRead More »

Latest Rumors on Kariya, Hannan


12:05: Once the Blues missed out on Jason Blake, they came out of nowhere and pursued Paul Kariya to sign in St.Louis. The Penguins offer was substantially less than St.Louis. The Blues are believed to have offered Kariya a 3 yr deal worth over 5 million. The Penguins had a 3 – 12 million deal on the table. Vancouver was also a finalist. 11:54 – is reporting Paul Kariya has signed with the St.Louis Blues. Looks like money has won out. Looking into the money differences. Don’t really care that i was wrong because i was just posting what i was told around 11:00. 11:08 – Paul Kariya is “very” close to signing with the Penguins. I don’t like to ever do this to Penguins fans but take it for what its worth but i have just received word that it is close to a done deal. My sourceRead More »

Penguins linked to Paul Kariya


I’m writing this with caution but i just got word a few minutes ago that Paul Kariya has narrowed his list down to 3 and the Penguins appear to be the favorite at this moment. The Buzz on the Burgh has learned that the Penguins and Kariya are currently talking about a 3 year deal. The Penguins are offering less money than others but are offering a third year. The Penguins have re-signed defenseman Ryan Whitney to a 6 yr extension. I reported Wednesday Whitney was seeking 5 years to the Penguins intial offer of 4 years – 14 million but Whitney was able to land a 6 year deal which is great for him and the franchise. The deal is 6yrs – 24 million and will be Updated 4:17. The Penguins appear to be a finalist for defenseman Scott Hannan. According to the Trib Calgary and LA also finalist.Read More »

Rumor Updates on the Penguins & NHL


2:18: Up to 6 teams including the Penguins have inquired about Paul Kariya. Kariya has narrowed his list down to three and take it for what its worth but i’ve been told that Kariya and the Penguins are working on a 3 yr deal. 1:50: The Penguins have inquired about defenseman Scott Hannan, Danny Markov and Andy Sutton. The Penguins have offered Hannan a four year deal worth between 13-14 million. The offer is believed to be front loaded. Once Hannan is off the market, the Penguins will try to lure Markov & Sutton. 1:28: 7 teams have inquired about Scott Hannan and he has narrowed his field down to 4. 1:18: Detroit Red Wings are pursuing Brian Rafalski. Rafalski is a tough sell out of New Jersey. Rangers are seeking a top tier defenseman and pursuing Rafalski, Souray and upfront are rumored to be pursuing Gomez. 1:03: Boston tryingRead More »

Rumors, Rumors, Rumors,


The Penguins top targets on defense are Scott Hannan and Danny Markov. The Penguins will place a call to Hannan right when the clock strikes at noon. The Pens offer to Hannan is expected to be a 4 yr deal worth 3.5 million per season. Thats the highest they’ll go i have been told. Unless Hannan takes less money, he won’t be signing in Pittsburgh. Markov is being pursued by Chicago and Detroit. The Penguins do not appear to be interested Cory Sarich or Shane Hnidy. Either through trade or free agency the Penguins are looking to add a second tier goal scorer today. The Bruins have made it known to all 30 teams they are looking to move Glen Murray The Penguins are a player in the Paul Kariya sweepstakes according to Pierre McGuire….. The Penguins are interested but the idea of Kariya signing in Pittsburgh looks like aRead More »

Joe Paterno telling recruits he is getting close to retirement


Talked to a good source today who is very close to one of Penn States top recruits out of Western Pennslyvania and he revealed to me that Joe Paterno is telling 07-08 recruits he will retire in the next 2-3 years. Paterno is telling the recruits that he will not be there for the duration of their college careers at Penn State but my source told me they were all told the next coach will be hired from in-house.

Latest Penguin Buzz


Will the Penguins make a big splash when free agency begins? Most likely not but they are expected to add a defensive defenseman, backup goaltender and a possibly a top 6 forward at a reasonable price. The Penguins budget for spending in free agency will be 6-8 million to fill 3 spots whether through FA or trades. I’ve been told 8 million might be a bit higher than they are expected to spend. The spots that will be filled are for a defensive defenseman, top 6 forward and backup goalie. It appears their first priority is to sign or trade for a defensive defenseman. Their projected budget for spending on free agent defenseman appears to be around 2-3 million per season. On offense they’ll look at players they can sign for a 2-3 million price tag although i talked to a pretty good source a hour ago who said heRead More »

Penguins could still make a play for Kovalev


The Montreal Candiens are expected to send a long term offer to Daniel Briere that could be worth up to 7 million dollars per season & are also seeking to find a replacement for Sheldon Souray. The Canadiens cap number right now is around 34-36 million and the latest out of Montreal is all of this could lead to the Canadiens putting Alexei Kovalev back on the trading block to save some cap space. The Canadiens entertained offers to see what they could get at the draft and touched based with the Penguins, Capitals and a unknown third team. If they feel any offers are worth it they would love to get rid of Kovalevs salary. While i was in Columbus for the draft i was told the Penguins are willing to offer Ryan Malone for Kovalev. Like i’ve said before any potential trades for the Penguins won’t happen untilRead More »

Francis, Messier among 07 Hall class


Congratulations to Ron Francis being inducted into the hockey hall of frame. Francis will go into the hall quietly behind Mark Messier who will get all the press but thats suits Francis because that’s how he went about his business during his NHL career. Francis may be one of the most underrated players in professional sports. Great two way player who had all the tools. Francis was a player who could put up 80-100 pts in any given season, great on draws, teams top penalty killer, finished 4th on All-Time pts list and most importantly was a professional on and off the ice. This years Hall of fame has to rank in the top 3 of all time. Mark Messier – 6 stanley cups (2nd pts list), Francis, 2 stanley cups (4th pts list), Scott Stevens – 3 stanley cups, Al MacInnis – 1 stanley cup, (Norris Trophy). A topicRead More »