Joey Porter Signs with Miami & Gets 20 million in guarantees


The Miami Dolphins have signed former Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker Joey Porter to a 5 year deal worth 32 million. The deal is worth 20 million in guarantees and it’s not to surprising to see Porter get this kind of money considering the money owners have been throwing around the past two seasons. The minute he became a free agent, his phone was ringing. Porter had enough offers to visit most of the teams that run a 3-4 defense and few, including Cincinnati, that run a 4-3. He chose to play for Dom Capers’ 3-4 unit in Miami. Regardless of what people say, the Steelers are going to hard pressed to replace Joey Porter.James Harrison is not the answer. The guy cannot stay healthy for more than a couple games in a row and once your a backup for most of your career you become entrenched into that backup role. SameRead More »

Gary Roberts a Penguin


TSN is reporting Gary Roberts has waived his no trade clause and thus paving away for the Penguins and Panthers to finalize their trade that was agreed upon Monday Afternoon. The Penguins are expected to part with Noah Welch. The acquisition of Roberts does not mean the Penguins are done dealing. Sources have indicated they are one of the front runners to land Bill Guerin. The Penguins have sent a offer of Ryan Malone/1st round pick to St.Louis for Bill Guerin. As of right now, the Penguins offer is considered the front runner according to TSN but the Blues are holding out until the last minute for someone to overpay for Guerin. The Penguins are also in the hunt for Kings defenseman Aaron Miller. The Penguins and Sabres are the front runners to land Miller. The Kings are seeking a 2nd round pick for Miller but that price is expectedRead More »

Teams in the Guerin Sweepstakes


For the past two weeks atleast 12 different teams were rumored to being possible destinations for Blues right winger Bill Guerin. Teams out of running1. Detroit Red Wings – Acquired Kyle Calder2. New York Islanders – Never a serious contender for Guerin but recent trade of acquiring Richard Zednik takes them out of the running.3. Vacouver Canucks – Additions of Smolinsky and Sopel ( Cap reasons ) take them out of the running.4. Carolina Hurricanes – Addition of Anson Carter ( cap reasons too) knock them out5/ 6. Toronto Maple Leafs/ Ottawa Senators – Not a chance. Our source who covers the Blues says Guerin will not approve a trade to Ottawa or Toronto 7. New York Rangers? Teams in the running1. Anaheim2. San Jose3. Pittsburgh4. Buffalo Sabres? The Guerin Sweepstakes have played their selves out and now it is down to 3 to 4 teams. In the next 12Read More »

Plan B if Roberts does not waive clause


Panthers Forward Gary Roberts is expected to make a decision at any time but the Penguins also have a few backup plans if trading for Roberts does not work out. 1. Georges Laraque/ Owen Nolan: Ray Shero is still in discussions with the Coyotes but their price has not lowered. The Coyotes are not only also asking for a #1 pick but as of late have called about the availability of Ryan Malone. The interest in Laraque is obvious but the mild interest in Owen Nolan is surprising. Don’t expect Nolan to become a Penguin. With the Roberts trade up in the air the Senators may turn their attention to Laraque and the Penguins could end up with out both.

Latest Rumors


According to TSN the Chicago BlackHawks acquired Kyle Calder from the Flyers for Lasse Kukkonen and then traded Calder to Detroit for Jason Williams. That takes the Wings out of the Guerin sweepstakes. LA Kings defenseman Brent Sopel and Chicago Blackhawks center Bryan Smolinsky have been dealt to the Vancouver Canucks. The Canucks gave up 2nd round draft picks for both of these players and the Penguins were in the running for Smolinsky but would not balk at the asking price of a 2nd round pick. It has been speculated the Penguins had mild interest in Sopel but it is believed they have set their sights on Aaron Miller but the Kings are trying to get a second round pick out of teams but that price is expected to drop overnight. The Thrashers and Predators also favorites to land Miller. There is absolutely no truth to the rumors that theRead More »

Penguins Trade For Gary Roberts


The Pittsburgh Penguins and Florida Panthers have finalized a trade that is sending left winger Gary Roberts to Pittsburgh in exchange for prospect Noah Welch. The hold up is Gary Roberts has to waive his no trade clause and he is expected to tell the Panthers by 10:00 pm est tonight. With the possible addition of Roberts, the Penguins are not done by no means. Latest rumors are The Penguins have offered Ryan Malone & 1st round pick for Bill Guerin of the St.Louis BluesThe Penguins have offered a 3rd round pick for defenseman Aaron Miller of the La Kings Backup plan if Guerin deal doesn’t fall through are the Penguins may take a run at Owen Nolan and even reopen talks with the Coyotes about Georges Laraque.

Quick Hits


Following the Penguins 6-5 loss to the Islanders Monday afternoon, head coach Michel Therrien went on a tirade calling out goaltender Marc-Andre Fleury in front of the team and then to the media moments later. The downfall of Therrien when he was coaching Montreal was his emotions would get the best of him and calling out Fleury was a prime example. The team just came off a 14-0-2 run and although Fleury did play horrible against the Islanders, there is no reason to rip him after that game. Fleury knows he played bad and what good did it really do? The rap on Therrien has always been he can’t handle star players. He’s the kind of coach who gets the most of AHL players like a Max Talbot but the verdict is not out yet whether he can coach star players over the long haul. Which brings another question. WillRead More »

Penguins in Guerin Sweepstakes


Andy Strickland who covers the Blues on a regular basis has revealed to me that their is some truth to the Guerin rumors and the Penguins are interested in Guerin. The Penguins are 1 of 5 teams Guerin would accept a trade to and it is believed he is intrigued of the possibility of playing with Sidney Crosby. Are the Penguins the front runners? That remains to been seen but it’s going to take either a 1st round pick or they could go the route of Welch and a 3rd. Ray Shero has been adamant that he will not not give up a 1st round pick but everyone changes their mind. If the draft happened today the Penguins would be drafting 24th overall and when your drafting that low you never know what your going to get. Look how long Colby Armstrong took to develop and he is still aRead More »

Update on this weeks trade rumors


We reported this week that the Penguins have strong interest in Yanic Perreault and Georges Laraque. The Coyotes had two scouts attending the Penguins game last night and Dominic Moore who had a solid game at both ends of the ice enhanced this trade of happening we were told. It is believed the Coyotes have interest in Moore but the hold up could be they are asking for 2006 2nd round draft pick Carl Sneep. The proposed tradeCoyotes get:Dominick MooreProspect or mid pick Penguins get Yanic Perreault (B3)Georges Laraque (B3) Two players the Penguins could make a run at:1. Brian Smolinsky who had a very good game against the Penguins Wednesday night could also become a possibility if Coyotes – Penguins talk goes south.2. Scott Nichol from the Nashville Predators. Nichol is a fiesty forward who was suspended for 9 games this season for a sucker punch would be aRead More »

12:51 a Disgrace


The Penguins got a very important win last against the division leading Devils but all things being said how on earth does Evgeni Malkin only play 12:51 seconds against a team like the New Jersey Devils. That is a disgrace for Malkin to play under 13 minutes. I mean comon those are Johnny Vermont ice times. Michel Therrien has done a great job in recent weeks, including putting Malkin on Sid’s line late in the third against Chicago but here are the three issues i still have a problem with in regards to Therrien’s coaching philosophy. 1. Not enough ice time for Sid and Malkin during overtime: When the Penguins go into overtime, fans are lucky to see Crosby and Malkin out their twice. Michel Therrien comes out with 4 groups of forwards and sometimes throws a 5th group before Sid gets out their again. Therrien can not rely onRead More »