Staal receives praise from Recchi


The decision on Jordan Staal will come no later than Monday morning and Mark Recchi is pulling for the 18 yr old rookie to stay. “I have a hard time believing it’s even a question, the 38-year-old Recchi said. “I’m not the GM and I don’t know about the business side. But I do know he makes our hockey team better.” Shero will get what he wants by sending Letang down, but he’s not going to get what he wants on the Staal decision. If Ray Shero had his way Staal would be sent down in a heartbeat but like we stated before, Michel Therrien is getting what he wants and will again when the decision on Staal is announced. The Buzzontheburgh has been on top of the Bruins – Penguins rumors this morning and if things don’t turn around in 10-12 days the Bruins will pull off a majorRead More »

News on Jocelyn Thibault


The Buzzontheburgh has learned the Columbus Blue Jackets and Boston Bruins have contacted the Penguins about Jocelyn Thibault. We are still trying to gather some info but from what were hearing the Malone-Christensen for Brad Boyes is being discussed again with Thibault and Tim Thomas switching venues. We also reported the Penguins checked on the availability of Glen Murray last week but it is believed the Penguins have now backed off and Shero is going hard after Boyes A few days ago we broke some news on Rob Scuderi. We have now learned that Shero told the St.Louis Blues he is not looking to trade Scuderi at this time. St.Louis up against the cap contacted the Penguins this week about acquiring Scuderi for a late draft pick.

Teams interested in Ryan Malone


Penguins left winger Ryan Malone is sidelined for 6 weeks but that hasn’t stopped teams from calling about his availability. The Buzzontheburgh has learned that atleast 4-6 teams have been interested in Malone since the summer. Shero is not trying to move Malone but is willing to use him of as a bargaining chip for the “right deal”. We reported last week that in the early goings of free agency a trade was in the works where Malone – Christensen to Boston for Brad Boyes but Boston eventually declined. Despite his sluggish start executives around the league fell Malone has the potential to be a 30-35 goal scorer in the right situation. From what we have learned there are no indications that Ray Shero is actively shopping Ryan Malone but what we have learned is in the next couple months teams will be calling. You can bet on it. TeamsRead More »

A Look Inside Major League Baseball’s New Deal


An Insider analysis of the New Collective Bargaining Agreement Major League’s Baseball’s new collective bargaining is signed and sealed but it does not help the Pirates one bit. Well unless a miracle happens and the current ownership sells to a group willing to spend. The first case of business is the Luxury Tax which will climb a astounding 9 percent to 148 million and by the year 2011 it will top out at 178 million. All this does is drive the players prices up dramatically and if you want to spend the money you have more leeway without hitting into the tax penalty of 148 million. Young players will be almost untouchable. There is going to be a whole lot of money for free agents and for teams to lock up young players. The Pirates Jason Bay will be an unrestricted free agent in a few seasons and if theyRead More »

Has Jocelyn Thibault requested a Trade?


The Buzzontheburgh has learned that Jocelyn Thibault is furious by his lack of playing time and his agent has received permission from Ray Shero to see if there are any suitors out there for his client. Jocelyn was told by Shero during training camp that if he had outplayed Marc Andre Fleury in training camp, Thibault not Fleury would be the starter opening night. Well we have seen how that has played out and Thibault feels betrayed by the lack of opportunity from Michel Therrien and wants out of Pittsburgh. The problem with a backup like Thibault is he still thinks he’s a #1 goalie when he’s not. Right now there are obviously no suitors for Thibault but the Buzzontheburgh has learned the Columbus Blue Jackets are looking for a veteran backup. If the Penguins were able to trade Thibault, an veteran goaltender would be needed to fill the void.Read More »

Q & A with Hockey Writer Kara Yorio of The Sporting News


Buzzontheburgh: 1. With the impact of Malkin and Fleury developing into a solid #1: Do you see the Penguins contending for the playoffs and possibly the division crown? Kara Yorio: In the end, I dont‘ think they can win the division over the Rangers or Devils, but I love seeing them on top of the standings now. It’s great to see a young team succeeding. It’s fun to watch. As for making the playoffs, the Pens should be in contention but it will take Fleury doing more than just developing into a No.1. He’ll have to dominate night after night. The Penguins obviously will score goals, but they need to keep the puck out of their own net. The goalie is only the last line of defense in that effort. Buzzontheburgh: 2. Jordan Staal: Does he stay or does he go back to juniors ? Kara Yorio: I say youRead More »

13,190 not a disgrace?


Last night the Penguins had another disappointing crowd of 13,190. For the 13,000+ that were there, they saw quite a show by Evgeni Malkin. A young exciting team with two bonifide superstars and they still can’t sell out. Don’t blame the fans, blame the ownership. The ticket price for the season ticket plans is perfect. When you can purchase a C-level end zone ticket for $30 and sections A-B range from $50 to $60 per is reasonable and affordable. The average fan can afford those prices. What the average fan can’t afford is the actual gate prices. 35-45 dollars to sit in the upper balcony’s of ‘E’ and ‘F’. You have to be kidding me. It gets worse. $80 for the ‘C’ level end zone seats where half the seats view is blocked by the upper level balcony. We can live with the high prices for sections A-B-C but forRead More »

Penguins 4 – Devils 2


Quick Observations from the Game -Penguins are in 1st place for the first time since late November of 2002. -Evgeni Malkin = Lemieux Esque. -The Penguins found their top flight winger they have been seeking: His name is Evgeni Malkin – The 4th line of Thorburn – Talbot – Ruutu was very effective. – Leclair and Recchi are playing better every game in their established roles. – Nils Ekman created offense for his line mates and was rewarded with a 2pt night – When Crosby and Malkin combine for over 4+ points, it’s going to be a automatic ‘W’ – Jordan Staal proved once again why he deserves to stay in the NHL. Full report in the morning. Rumor alert: The Buzzontheburgh has learned that the Penguins are talking to a Western Conference team and a minor trade may be in the works between the ‘two’. More on this rumorRead More »

Bucco’s and MLB rumors


MLB Rumors per ESPN Insider: With the Yankees seeking starting pitching, the White Sox are expected to trade right-hander Freddy Garcia to make room for Brandon McCarthy in their rotation, the Chicago Sun-Times reports. Garcia told the Sun-Times in August that the Yanks are one of the organizations he would like to play for if he is moved. White Sox could try to acquire Alex Rodriguez if Joe Crede isn’t healthy, the Chicago Sun-Times reports. Crede will seek a second opinion this month about the two herniated discs in his lower back, and then make a decision on possibly having surgery. “Every time you mention Rodriguez’s name, it seems like our name also comes up,” manager Ozzie Guillen told the newspaper. “This kid is one of the best in the game. I don’t know the exact direction we’re going at this point because we’re not sure about the Joe CredeRead More »

Quick Hits


The Buffalo Sabres are the crop of the Eastern Conference at 9-0 but so far in the early going, the Western Conference is a much deeper conference. Dallas 8-1, Anaheim 6-0-2, San Jose 6-2, Minnesota 7-1, Edmonton 6-2, Nashville 4-3-1 would take down almost any team in the Eastern Conference in a 7 game series except for Buffalo. The Hurricanes have taking a step back but the one team that can compete with Buffalo on a nightly basis is the Atlanta Thrashers. Kari Lehtonen is becoming a star in this league and the Thrashers have the speed and scoring upfront to beat anyone in this league. The Tampa Bay Lightning have struggled out of the gate and rumors are already swirling about Marty St.Louis being on the trading block. No way anyone is going to take this guy. After the lockout St.Louis signed a 6yr 31 million deal which makesRead More »