Deadline moves


1 Mark Recchi to Carolina for Niklas Nordgren, Krystofer Kolanos and a second-round pick in 2007. my take: This was a awful trade. Nordgren and Kolanos are two journeymen who will not be on the roster next season. You can check them out in Wilkes Barrie. Some people will say, “hey we got a second round pick for the Wreckingball”. Well the second round pick was the only thing good about this deal, but it will be a wasted pick on a player who is really a 5th rounder. As for Recchi: why trade him if your not getting even return. Hopefully Recchi resigns with the Pens in the offseason. 2. Ric Jackman to Florida for Petr Taticek my take: Jackman has been up and down all year, and no surprise he was traded. The negative of this deal is Taticek is another bum who isn’t better than Jackman. AnotherRead More »

Buck’s Penguins report


Penguins come up short in 5-4 loss to Lightning The Pittsburgh Penguins showed again for the third straight game that they will not quit no matter what the score is. The Pens were down 4-1 in the third period but fought back getting goals from Crosby, Melichar and Whitney with 55.8 seconds left. In overtime they outplayed Tampa Bay but fell short in the shootout. How do the Pens have a chance in a shootout against a team like Tampa Bay with players such as Lecavalier, Richards and St.Louis. The goaltending for the third straight game was awful. Marc Andre Fleury has hit a rough spot and needs to regain his confidence. It looks like he gets too hard on himself when he gives up a goal, and then the effects of that, result in him giving up more soft goals. Hopefully he turns it around, or the Pens mayRead More »

Buck’s Insider


A daily glance around sports NHL *Chris Pronger scored two power play goals in leading the Edmonton Oilers to a 3-2 victory over the Nashville Predators. The Oilers are a team on the rise and will be a sleeper team once the playoffs are upon us. *The Minnisota Wild defeated the Colorado Avalanche 5-3 and it gave coach Jacque Lemaire his 400th career win. He is the first person to win 400 games as a coach and a player. As for the Avalanche, this team is not very good. Despite being the numbeer 6th seed right, they will be one and done in the playoffs. *The 9th place Anaheim Ducks lost a tough one to the Columbus Blue Jackets 3-2. With that win the Ducks would have been only 2 pts from the 8th playoff spot. Columbus on the other hand has been playing very well since Rick Nash returnedRead More »

Sunday Morning Report


Mark Recchi’s 6th career hat trick wasn’t enough Penguins lose to Hurricanes 7-5 On Wednesday night the Penguins surrendered the Senators 4 goals, and tonight they decided to surrender the Hurricanes 5 goals. Carolina scored 2 power plays goals in the first ten minutes, and Sebastian Caron gets pulled. Two minutes later with Pittsburgh on the power play Eric Cole scores a shorthanded goal and a minute later Kevin Adams scores right out of the penalty box to put the Hurricanes up 4-0. Two shots later it’s 5-0 and the crowd let this team hear about it at the end of the period. Once again the Penguins fought back, but it’s getting old seeing this team only to be able to score goals when there down 4 or 5 nothing. When it’s a 2-1 game they never seem to be able to get a goal. The Pens trimmed the marginRead More »

72 hours and counting


Despite the 72 hour extension to extend free agency it‚Äôs still up in air whether a deal will get done. Owners such as Jerry Jones and Bob Kraft look like their the leaders of this purge that the league is better off without a salary cap. It‚Äôs really a shame what is going on and hopefully the two sides come upon a agreement. Around 4 in the afternoon on Thursday Gene Upshaw was contacted from the owners that another proposal is in the works. That‚Äôs the reason we saw the 72 hour extension. I believe in the end a deal will get done but it‚Äôs sort of looking like the situation we saw from the NHL last season. Remember in February when the league and players were just 6 million off the cap and logical reason was why not split in the middle at 45 million. Well we know howRead More »

Pens lose another tough one


Costly mistakes doomed Fleury and the Pens early When you spot a team like a the Ottawa Senators a 4 goal lead, most likely you going to come out of that game with a loss. The Pens started off the first period relatively strong getting 2 prime scoring chances from Sergei Gonchar with rockets from the point, but he couldn’t connect. After that inexperience and a lack of focus doomed the Pens. The second period like most of the year has been a problem for the Pens and Wednesday night was’t any different. Ottawa scored two power play goals, then a turnover in the neutral zone, which led to a 2 on 1 break for Daniel Alfredson and Danny Heatly which resulted in Heatly putting one past Marc Andre Fleury to put the Sens up 3-0. Right before that goal the Pens had their chance after being awarded a 5-3Read More »


Sidney Crosby and the Pens return to action Wednesday against the Ottawa Senators After a three week break the Penguins return to the ice this Wednesday against the Ottawa Senators. The Pens compile a record of (14-34-11) and have 23 games remaining. They need to put on a strong finish as they head into next year. This team is not as bad as it seems and take my word on it they will finish the season strong like they did a few seasons ago. My prediction for the final 23 games. 13-8-0-2 finish ….And optimism brews in the burgh heading into the 06-07 season… Here are five players to keep a eye on. 1.Marc Andre Fleury: He has been outstanding at times and so-so at times. He’s a great talent and gives his team a chance to win almost everynight. Heading into next year he knows he will #1 starterRead More »

Sunday morning report


The Isle of Capri’s vision of the Pens new Arena The Penguins have the upper edge on the politicians. After being told for years that their was no public money the Penguins look like they finally have the edge on the local and state politicians. The Penguins were told to find their own way of public funding and they did by joining with the Isle of Capri who have said they will fork up 290 million for a new arena which would keep the team here. Well as everyone knows governor Ed Rendell is a crook and rumors are that he had told the Rattners of Station Sqaure that he will repay them for their campaign contributions but awarding them with the Slots license in Station Square. Now with the Penguins plan out there and Rendell up for re-election next November he has to act soon. That is why yourRead More »

Buck’s Insider


Three Big Names on the move? NBA trade Rumors Kevin Garnett heading to New York? Various reports out of NY is that the Timberwolves and Knicks are in serious disscussions in a trade involving Kg to the Knicks for Channing Frye and Jalen Rose my take: No way this deal will ever happen, I see this more as the New York media just dreaming. One deal though that could possibly happen is a three team trade that would reunite KG with Stephon Marbury in Minnisota not New York. Allen Iverson will not be traded: Although the 76er’s have given the possibility of moving Iverson it’s more likely to happen in the summer than now. One team to make a run at him this summer will be Denver who had disscussions with the 76er’s but were shut down at the time. Steve Francis: He will be a Knick by Thursday, butRead More »

Quarterfinal predictions


Keith K’Tkachuk and Team U.S.A haven’t had much to celebrate, but that will change today. Game 1: Sweden (3-2) vs. Switzerland (2-1-2)Why the Swedes will win: Petr Forseberg has not played a prominent role during the olympics but he will today. Sweden is not the team they could have been but can play a average game and still win this game. Switzerland is a dream story after upset wins against Canada and Czech Republic but their story book ending will end. -Prediction Sweden 4 – Switzerland 1 Game 2: United States (1-3-1) vs. Finland (5-0)Why U.S.A will win. What a upset this will be but this is the best possible matchup for the United States. The Americans have lost 3 straight games but finally were able to produce some goals in their 5-4 loss to Russia. That was a big stepping stone for them and expect that spark to carryRead More »