Randle El Chicago Bound ?


NFL rumors: Antwaan Randle El Pittsburgh Steelers: After Randle El’s sensational performance at Super Bowl, he is about to cash in. Rumors are swirling around that Chicago has made it clear they have serious interest in obtaining the speedy wr/pr/qb. Chicago needs a # 2 receiver to offset Mushin Muhammad and with 18 million in cap room they are expected to over pay for Randle El. Pittsburgh doesn’t have the cap room and will not over pay for Randle El even if they wanted to…. Possible Destinations 1.Chicago 60%, 2.Pittsburgh 30% and 3.New England 10% is also rumored to be very interested. Ken Whisenhunt offensive coordinator Pittsburgh Steelers: Whisenhunt arrived today in Oakland to interview for the coaching vacancy. It is obvious Oakland is going to offer him the job so it’s just a matter of time until he accepts or declines it. – my take: Oakland is a toughRead More »

Super Bowl XL Champions


Pittsburgh 21 – Seattle 10 This game will not go down as one of the greatest super bowls of all time, but it was still a classic in its own way. Bill Cowher got that monkey off his back, Jerome Bettis got his fairy tale ending and most importantly Dan Rooney got to hoist the Super Bowl Trophy for the the first time in 26 years. The first half was very slow with the Steelers heading into the half with a 7-3 lead after a controversial Ben Roethlisberger 3 yard touchdown run. The second half was a different story. Fast Willie went off on a super bowl record 75 yard touchdown run that put the Steelers up 14-3. That is what Parker brings to the table. He may have 5 carrys for 11 yards then all of a sudden he’ll hit you for a 75 yard run. Then the gameRead More »

Is this just the beginning ?


There has been a vibe around town the past week, whether this Pittsburgh Steelers team is on the verge of becoming a dynasty. It’s a very good argument, there is many reasons why you could say they are on the verge and why there not. I believe that the Steelers are going to be a special team for the next 3-5 years, but a Dynasty, that’s a tough call. They have all the right pieces in place, starting with their coach Bill Cowher and GM Kevin Colbert. Bill Cowher may run the show but Colbert deserves a lot of credit for what he has done. Look at the draft picks since 02. Kendall Simmons ( right guard ) – nothing special but is a solid guard who gets the job done. 03 Troy Polamalu ( safety ) don’t even have to the explain the impact he has. Have to giveRead More »

NHL report


My Fab 5 Stanley Cup Contenders Above the rest 1.Ottawa Senators 72 pts – loaded in every aspect, only worry is can 41 yr old Dom Hasek hold up down the strech? 2.Dallas Stars 70 pts – This team is very strong up the middle and for them to take it to another level is for Bill Guiern to provide some more offense 3.Detroit RedWings 71 pts – The new NHL hasn’t effected this team at all, their deadline need is to add a number(3-4)defenseman to replace the loss of Jiri Fischer 4.Calgary Flames 65 pts – built for the playoffs, but for them to jump above Dallas and Detroit they need to add a offensive center to play with Iginla. 5.Carolina Hurricanes 76 pts – the suprise team of the year, and lead the league in the standings. Play great team hockey, and the possible addition of Doug WeightRead More »

Thank You for all the memories Mario


The Magnificent One calls it quits after 17 remarkable seasons. Mario Lemieux announced his retirement from the Penguins after undergoing a irregular heartbeat that has sidelined him since mid December. ”The time is right because I can no longer play the game at the level I’m accustomed to,” Lemieux said in making the announcement. ”I think the best decision is to retire as a player and turn the game over to the younger guys who are the future of this team and this league. It’s a young man’s game now.” Lemieux was amazing on and off the ice despite the many obstacles he encountered. In the late 80’s and 90’s Super Mario surpassed Wayne Gretzsky as the greatest player in the game. Mario was a freak of nature standing at 6ft4 225 lbs. To go along with his big frame he had all the tools. Mario produced 3 M.V.P.’s 6Read More »

It’s time for the abuse on Sidney to end


Sidney Crosby: Welcome to Mario’s Lemieux’s world. Think back to the mid & late 80’s when Mario was clearly establishing himself as the greatest player in the game at that time. Yes even better than The Great One. Game after game Mario was getting hacked, cross-checked, and mugged all game from the opposing teams goons. Guess what, Mario like our young superstar Sidney Crosby had to defend his self. The team and management did nothing about it until the cup years. If Mario could have gotten the Wayne Gretzsky treatment (if you lay a finger on Gretz the whole Oilers team will be jumping the bench coming after you) maybe he doesn’t have the back problem’s he had and i guarntee you if Mario was 100% healthy in the 90’s this franchise ends up with 4 or 5 Stanley Cups instead of two. So you get my drift. Now don’tRead More »

Ziggy retires and Pens add a D-man


Breaking news Craig Patrick has announced today that right winger Ziggy Palffy has retired from the game of hockey immediately. His contract will not count against the cap anymore…. Also the Pens have acquired defenseman Eric Cairns from Florida for a 6th round pick… more on Palffy and the pick up of Cairns in the morning

The second coming of Bill Cowher


Bill Cowher the longest tenured coach with one team in the NFL, in his 14th year is one of the leagues most successfull coaches during that time. In 14 seasons Cowher has earned 10 playoff berths, 8 division titles , 1 super bowl ( 0-1 ) appearance and has reached the AFC Championship game 5 times compiling a record of 1-4. A record that gives him the name, a coach that can’t win the big game. Coach Cowher preaches hard work, dedication and you will play Steeler football. That means you play Bill Cowher football, old school kind of football. Coming into this season with Ben Roethlisberger being their franchise quarterback I wondered is Bill Cowher ever going to change his stubborn ways and let his franchise quarterback actually win games for him, instead of just letting him manage games. The first couple weeks were frustrating, when you see BenRead More »

Steelers are Denver bound


Sunday January 22 Pittsburgh at Denver 3:00 p.m. Steelers 21 – Colts 18 No matter what station I tuned into this week, every so call expert was picking the Colts to defeat the Steelers. I didn’t have a problem with that at all, except for the fact many of them were saying the Steelers had absolutely no chance. That was very disturbing, many of those so called experts seem to forgot that Big Ben missed 4 weeks of the season. If he doesn’t miss that length of time this team finishes with a record around 14-2 – 13-3. This team is not your normal #6 seed and they proved it Sunday afternoon. Now to the game, Like I said coming into the playoffs for this team to go far into the playoffs Roethlisberger was going to have to be phenomenal and he has been just that. The Steelers attacked theRead More »

The Sunday Report


Like I said, Seattle and Denver would advance and they sure did. After a sluggish first half, then losing Shaun Alexander for the game, Seattle stayed focused and pulled out the victory. Redskins 10 – Seahawks 20 Denver wasn’t able to establish the run like I thought they were going to be able to, but Jake Plummer produced when they needed him to and the Broncos took advantage of the Patriots costly mistakes. The Patriots Reign at the top ends. Patriots 13 – Broncos 27 My predictions for Sundays matchup’s as follows, Steelers vs Colts 1 p.m.The Steelers get their second crack at the Colts after getting beaten in every aspect of the game 26-7 on week 12. This will be a much different game. The biggest matchup of the game will be Peyton Manning vs Troy Polamalu. In the week 12 meeting, Polamalu was very unpredictable and confused ManningRead More »