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Bell and Blount proved Wednesday they are a bunch of dopes

le'veon Le’Veon Bell and LeGarrette Blount proved Wednesday they are a bunch of dopes. According to Ross Township Police, officer Sean Stafiej smelled marijuana while stopped at a red light at the intersection of McKnight Road and Braunlich Drive and once Stafiej identified the car, it was none other than Steelers running backs Le’Veon Bell and LeGarrette Blount and an unnamed female puffing away.
The traffic officer found 20 grams of marijuana in Bell’s car. Bell and Blount and the unnamed female are expected to be charged for marijuana possession, Ross Township police said. Police also anticipate charging Bell for driving under the influence of marijuana. Bell was driving a black Camaro while Blount was in the passenger seat.
After being pulled over, Bell was taken to UPMC where his blood was tested for marijuana.
What proves how dumb these two are and that they probably get high all time, is the incident happened around 1:30 p.m. Wednesday afternoon just after the Steelers morning practice and about an hour before the Steelers were scheduled to fly to Philadelphia.
Blount still made the team charter but Bell did not and flew to Philadelphia Wednesday evening on his own.
Players getting high just before the team charter looks to be business as usual.
What will be the repercussions?
In 2008 when Santonio Holmes was busted near the hill district for drugs, the Steelers deactivated him for one game.
The Steelers have to make an example of Bell and at least suspend him for one regular season game. The worst part for Bell is he was driving under the influence, putting others at risk.
Regarding Blount, he has a reputation by some in NFL circles of being regarded as a bad influence on teammates. Former NFL coach Herm Edwards, now an analyst for ESPN, said on Sportscenter this morning his first thought when he heard about the incident was to immediately release Blount because of his history of being regarded as a bad teammate.
Would the Steelers go that bold? Never know but the Steelers drafted Mike Adams in the second round just a few years ago when Adams failed a drug test at the combine which is about as stupid as it gets for a player entering the NFL.
James Harrison hit his child’s mother and the Steelers did nothing. If you’re a good player, you usually get the benefit of the doubt.
Blount being a bad influence on Bell is possible but Bell is a grown man and it’s hard to sell that as a reason to release Blount, despite the red flags surrounding his character. However, Bell driving under the influence is what should bother people the most about this incident.

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