Bengals (10-5) @ Jets (8-7): Marvin Lewis will adjust game plan accordingly

The Cincinnati Bengals end the 2009 regular season in prime time against the New York Jets. With the AFC North wrapped up, the Bengals don’t have much to play for and the opportunity will be there to rest starters.
“It will be another Sunday for us,” coach Marvin Lewis said. “I’ll make those adjustments and so forth later in the week and as we go. We’re going to approach it as a game we need to win.”
The New York Jets control their playoff destiny as a Jets win would give them the fifth seed, meaning New York (8-7) would travel to Cincinnati for a first-round game either Jan. 9 or 10, assuming the New England Patriots lock up the No. 3 seed at 1:00 p.m. against Houston.
“All those things, we’re going to take all those things into consideration there,” Lewis said.
“They’ve got more on their shoulders than we do,” Lewis said. “I think they have the pressure of having to win the football game to get into the playoffs, and so forth. I think our guys will be fine with it, I told them since the time we went to Minnesota it’s like it’s going to be the rest of the season and it’s played out like that.”
All indiciations are is that the Jets will see plenty of Jordan Palmer the Bengals backup quarterback, not Carson Palmer.
A Steelers win @ Miami along with a Texans lose and Jets lose is one of three scenario’s that the Steelers can earn a playoff berth.
Meanwhile, star wide receiver Chad Ochocinco is talking like a player who is ready for the challenge to go up against Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis. How much Johnson see’s the field is in question.

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