PENS INJURY UPDATES on Sid, Orpik & Kunitz
This isn’t really news but there continues to be no progress on the concussion front for Sidney Crosby. Head coach Dan Bylsma confirmed once again today during his media session that Crosby is still having concussion symptoms.
As of last week, a return by mid-April was considered the best case scenario and that was an optimistic view, sources say. Crosby remains unable to shake off the post-concussion symptoms, most notably headaches. He is said to only be doing some light exercise on the bike.
Despite Crosby’s season very much in doubt, don’t look for the Penguins to make any announcement that the team is shutting him down for this season.
There is always the possibility things could improve at somepoint over the next 4-6 weeks but things are moving into the direction where the best case scenario for Crosby to play this season would be for the Penguins to have to win a round or likely two in the playoffs. A return in April is not a good possibility.

*Bylsma said today that Brooks Orpik is still four weeks away. The Penguins expect him back at the start of April and get a few games in before the playoffs.
*Bylsma said today that Chris Kunitz could play this weekend but it’s hard to read much into that. There’s been hints for about 7-to-10 days that he was getting close than had a minor setback.