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Insider Only Best Value for Steelers could be at WR in Round 2 but are they thinking Defense?

Many anticipate a run of wide receivers going off the board in the second round and for the Steelers who pick at No. 46, 14th pick of the second round, there could be some excellent value still there but do they have different plans?
While wide receiver is certainly in play, there’s lots of talk of the Steelers being really focused on defense.
Gerry Dulac reports the Steelers are looking for “pass rush pressure”. They have big holes at defensive end, and lack an impact defensive tackle. Dulac threw out the names DL Ra’shede Hageman, Stephon Tuitt, and OLB Demarcus Lawrence as possibilities.
Like Wide Receiver there is some good value still on the board with defensive linemen but it remains to be seen if the likes of Tuitt and Louis Nix, who some teams had first round grades on, last till No. 46.
The Steelers will also pick at No. 97 (comp pick).
Marquise Lee, USC (6-0, 195, 4.47) – One of the best players left on the board, a big longshot to still be around at No. 46. Doesn’t run great but is explosive. Caught 118 passes for 1,721 yards and 14 Touchdowns in 2012. Was hampered by injuries in 2013, dropping to 57 catches for just 791 yards.
Cody Latimer, Indiana (6-3, 215, 4.44)- Like Lee another player who is seen as very good value in Round 2. Excellent size and what scouts contend about Latimer is that he can get behind guys and is very effective at using his size to make tough grabs. Potential to be a solid No. 2. Had 72 receptions for 1,096 yards and 9 touchdowns in 2013.
Allen Robinson, Penn State (6-2, 210, 4.52) – Robinson is a name gaining some steam when it comes to the Steelers picking at No. 46 but bet here is that he goes before them. A lot of scouts feel he has the potential to be a very good complementary starter. The book on Robinson is that he’s big, strong, and doesn’t have great explosion but is a very good after the catch. One of those players who just knows how to produce and play the position. If he had 4.4 speed, he wouldn’t still be there. 97 receptions, 1,432 yards and 6 touchdowns in 2013.
Jordan Matthews, Vanderbilt, (6-3, 210, 4.47) – Very productive player in a tough conference with 112 receptions, 1,477 yards and 7 touchdowns. Nothing about him screams potential special player at the next level but Matthews has size, runs well and projects to be a solid No. 2/3. What’s enticing with Matthews is that he’s viewed as a player who can step in very early and contribute.
Davante Adams, Fresno State (6-1, 212, 4.56) – Put up huge numbers at Fresno State in 2013 with 131 yards, 1,724 yards and 24 touchdowns but some executives seem to feel those numbers were inflated by poor competition. Look at by some as a poor mans Keenan Allen.
Jarvis Landry, LSU, (5-11, 201, 4.67) – One scout I heard from called Landry a “Hines Ward type receiver”. Lacks those special type abilities teams seek but is tough as nails, and has those Ward, Anquan Boldin type abilities in the plays he makes. Excellent blocker. 77 Receptions, 1,193 yards and 10 touchdowns in 2013 for LSU.

Some vertical receivers who are intriguing include Martavis Bryant, Clemson (6-4, 214, 4.42) and Donte Moncrief, Mississippi (6-2, 220, 4.40). Bryant who played alongside Sammy Watkins is looked at as having freakish talent.
Rutgers Brandon Coleman (6-6, 225) is a name to watch in the third round tonight.

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