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Insider Only Brandon Sutter signs two year deal worth $6.6 million

sutter Brandon Sutter and the Pittsburgh Penguins have agreed to a two year deal worth $6.6 million. The deal includes an AAV of $3.3 million.
Sutter last season carried just a $2.067 million cap hit but made $2.7 million. His cap hit now jumps up to $3.3 million.
The Penguins and Sutter moved towards a new deal last week as the Penguins had two proposals on the table, per a source with directly knowledge of the talks:
1 year deal worth $2.85 million or a 2 year deal worth $3.3 million per season. Sutter by-passes a year of unrestricted free agency and accepted the two year deal.

The Penguins had preliminary talks of a four year deal earlier last month but the two sides were unable to find common ground.
Sutter’s deal does not include a no trade clause, meaning he is a very moveable player.
The Penguins currently have around $900,000 in cap space with one forward spot to fill.

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