Tim Thomas came on in relief and stifiled the Penguins in their first shootout of the season

Evgeni Malkin showed the NHL what a impact he is going to have in this league. Malkin led a Pittsburgh Penguins rally in the third period scoring with 10 minutes left the third then setting up Mark Recchi for tying goal with less than 35 seconds in the game. The Penguins gained a point out of nothing and Malkin took control of the game late in the third which was Mario Esque. Mark Recchi is really turning it on offensively and right now he is not looking like the bad pickup we thought. His first goal in the first period from the right side was one of the nicest goals i’ve seen all year.

Jordan Staal needs to play more. Especially with Crosby out for the game, you would have thought Staal would have more of a oppurtunity. With his limited ice time in the 1st and 2nd period Staal was very effective in the third but he needs to be out there more. Therrien is playing the Pittsburgh Pirates school of thought, giving role players more playing time this his young star who is still developing.

The Boston Bruins are now 7-3-1 in their last 11 games and this is a solid team. The defense is strong and upfront they have mix of finishers and role players. Goaltending is the issue but keep a eye on them for the next couple months. Really impressed with their team and having a coach in Dave Lewis is not a bad thing at all.