If there are any Pirate fans out there, here are some rumors swirling around the diamond.

The Detroit Tigers, Philadelphia Phillies, and Colorado Rockies have inquired about reliever Solomon Torres as of this afternoon.

Jack Wilson is on the trading block but is not drawing much interest. The Cubs are believed to have offered right fielder Jacque Jones for Wilson but were turned down. It would have been a even money deal.

The New York Post reports the Mets are interested in catcher Ronnie Paulino.

Chris Duffy could draw some interest from a contender looking for bench help.

The Pirates will get offers for Xaiver Nady but appear unwilling to trade him. Nady is having a career year.

Tony Armas will be released once Zach Duke returns from the DL. Well hopefully he never does. My man needs to sent back to single A ball.

Right now is the best time to trade Jason Bay. There not winning with him and never will. There window of opportunity of landing a couple top tier prospects grows smaller and smaller every year they hold on to him. He is their best trading chip to move towards a actual rebuilding period. Bay is thought of very highly around major league baseball and would receive a significant offer of top to middle tier prospects. The Pirates need to follow the Marlins formula and trade a Josh Beckett for a Henry Rameriz. I asked a someone who is in the Pittsburgh media that follows the Pirates on a day to day basis, if the Pirates would trade Jason Bay and he said “the only untouchables on the Pirates are Ian Snell, Gorzo, Freddy Sanchez and Matt Capps.” The Pirates seem willing to listen to offers for Bay but Littlefield will still get the least amount of talent for him. With Moises Alou possibly out for the year, i could see the Mets offering the Lasting Milledge for Bay if they are interested.