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Espn radio 1250 is reporting that billionarie Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban and NFL Hall of famer Dan Marino have joined Andy Murstein’s ownership group to purchase the Pittsburgh Penguins. Murstein who is from New York confirmed today ” “Last night we firmed up a partnership that we’re very excited about. I’m pleased to say that both Mark Cuban and Dan Marino will be part of our group to buy the Pittsburgh Penguins.” Murstein’s ownership group is one of several groups trying to buy the franchise. The current ownership has said their asking price right now is 150-170 million and it may rise. A new owner may be named within a month and comfirmed by league when the season starts.

Depaoli’s take : The addition of Cuban and Marino is a very strong sign that there may be hope the team stays. Murstein interrated today that he has all intentions to keep the team in Pittsburgh and wait long as possible to get a deal done for a new arena in Pittsburgh. He also said his ownership group is prepared to play in Mellon Arena as long as it takes for the new arena to become a reality. With Cuban and Marino at the helm Murstein is saying all the right things and looks like he is now the favorite to purchase the team. Although Mario Lemieux did take a step back this past season in the current ownership group, he will still try to sell the team to a ownnership group that will give the team the best chance to stay in Pittsburgh. Pittsburgher’s it may be time to stop the bashing of the obnoxious Mark Cuban because he maybe on his way to saving the floundering franchise after all.