Day 2 12:58 a.m. There is a 1yr 1.75 million offer on the table to forward Todd Bertuzzi. Bertuzzi is believed to be looking over three other offers with Calgary among the interested parties. With all of this talk of Jagr, I wouldn’t look past Markus Naslund who has been on the Penguins radar since the clock struck noon on July 1. Source tell TIOPS Ray Shero is taking calls regarding Ryan Whitney and listening to offers but it appears ownership wants Whitney to stay put. Penguins expect a decision from Jarkko Ruutu by Wednesday morning. No offer has been made to Jason Smith but the interest is there. The Penguins have yet to meet the demands of Brooks Orpik (6yrs – 22 million) but the two sides are still in discussions. Penguins offer to Hossa is for 7.2 million per season. The amount of years is up in the air. It’s either 5 or 7. The Penguins final offer will likely be 7 years. Montreal is offering 6yrs 7.8 million. Reports all over indicate Edmonton is offering 9 million. Onto Day 2 of free agency…… Expect a lot of movement today. Check back for live updates throughout the day
11:53 Alright here’s the latest. It has been a long day……… I’m still hearing that the Penguins offer to Marian Hossa is 7 yrs – 52.5 million not 5yrs – 36 million but its really a unknown right now. Just depends on who you talk to. The front runners at this moment are the Penguins, Red wings Oilers and Canadiens. Vancouver is still in the mix but are a longshot. As for Detroit, they are believed to be Hossa’s preference but they only offered him a deal believed to be in the range 6.67 million. I’m being told Hossa wants to sign here but Winter is urging for the Oilers. The Penguins are not going to match. The Penguins are still confident that the attraction of playing for a contender will win out. I’m hearing the Penguins are closing in on Jagr but with Jagr who knows. It is not a done deal yet but the discussions are centering around a 2yr deal worth 5.5 million per season. Jagr’s preference is to remain with the NYR. Markus Naslund remains a option and the Penguins have had discussions with Todd Bertuzzi who at the right price the Penguins may try to bring in. Talks with Bertuzzi in the range of 1 yr 1.75 million per season.
11:51 Jason Smith is a name I’m hearing. TFP. com is reporting the Penguins have inquired about him. I’m being told nothing is serious at this time but more just to see what interest comes back.
11:30 According to the NY DailyNews, Jaromir Jagr is playing coy about reports that he has an offer on the table from his old team, the Pittsburgh Penguins.(“I’ll tell you when I have something done,” he said, laughing,)
10:44 There are whispers that the Penguins have offered Jagr a two year – 10 million contract. Very interesting because thats the number I was hearing around 2:00 p.m.
10:28 David Pagnotta of The Fourth is reporting “the Penguins are closing in on Jagr, according to a few reports” Sources tell TIOPS that Penguins have remained in contact with Markus Naslund and Todd Bertuzzi.
10:17 Penguins believe they are the top contender for Marian Hossa but no one knows how this is going to play out. Bruins GM Peter Chiarelli says he’s out of the Hossa running. It is down to Pit, DET MTL, EDM, Van. Vancouver and Montreal are waiting on Mats Sundin. Penguins expect to hear from Jarkko Ruutu very soon. The Penguins are believed to be offering a two year deal worth close to 1.5 million per season. I’ve been told Ruutu has a few 3yr offers on the table. One offer believed to be from Carolina and Ottawa. Don Baizley the agent for Jarkko Ruutu has indicated his client will give the Penguins the opportunity to match any offer. It is likely that we will hear something from Ruutu by the end of the night. The news on Orpik is the same.
10:04 It is Michael Ryder. The Bruins have announced they have signed Ryder to a multi year deal. 3yrs – 12 million.
9:43 Press Conference in Boston at 9:45. The original press conference was to begin at 6:00 p.m. but has been pushed back for the last three hours. No idea what the press conference is about. Could be a small signing like Ryder. The Bruins were pursuing him earlier in the day.
9:40 The Sabres are out of the Brooks Orpik sweepstakes per Buffalo News
9:26 p.m. It is still very quiet on the Brooks Orpik front but a decision could be coming soon. As of 6:00 p.m. NYR, Buf, ATL, LA all had offers on the table that would pay Orpik more than 4 million per season. San Jose is believed to have a multi year offer in the range of 3.5 million. It appears NYR and SJ are out of the sweepstakes. I’m being told it is down to Pit, Buf, Atl, LA and Washington is now in the bidding.
8:39 Source: Hossa down to Pit, Detroit and Boston. Vancouver and Montreal can’t move on Hossa until they get a decision from Sundin Both teams are still in the game but are waiting on Sundin. Pittsburgh really wants Naslund if they miss out on Hossa. Edmonton remains a mystery here in the Hossa sweepstakes. conflicting stories as to whether they have actually offered Hossa 9 million per season. The good sign for Pittsburgh is four hours ago 10 teams were in the Hossa sweepstakes and now its down to four teams at the most. From all the people I’ve talked to, I would put the contenders for Hossa in this order: Boston,. DET. Pit, MTL, EDM, Van
8:37 Very quiet on the Brooks Orpik front
8:15 Sources tell TIOPS the Penguins remain in contact with the representatives of Markus Naslund, Michael Ryder, Todd Bertuzzi. I’ve been hearing Naslund and Pavel Demitra are looking for a team that is willing to sign both of them. Naslund tried this same tactic following the lockout with Petr Forsberg. The main suitors for Naslund are believed to be Det, Pit, NYR, Van. Jarkko Ruutu has drawn interest from Carolina, Calgary, Chicago, NYR, Dallas, LA. The Penguins are still hoping to sign Ruutu. I would add Ruslan Fedotenko to the list of players who can be signed for under 3 million. I haven’t heard much about him today but prior to today he was expected to be on the Pens radar. The Penguins inquired about Sean Avery earlier in the day but I haven’t heard anything since.
7:33 The New York Rangers have signed defenseman Wade Redden, according to sportsnet. This likely takes the Rangers out of the Hossa sweepstakes. I’ve been hearing the Rangers are turning their attention to forwards who they can sign to 1-2 year deals. Mats Sundin, Jagr and Naslund are players they are believed to be pursuing.
7:30 Shero has looked into moving Ryan Whitney again. Sportsnet was reporting earlier in the day that the Penguins talked to Buffalo about Ryan Whitney. I’m hearing if Whitney would have been moved Shero was going to make a play for Wade Redden. That move would not have saved the Penguins any kind of money but it would have been a 2 for 1 swap.
6:57 The Marian Hossa sweepstakes appear to be down to Pit, DET, NYR, MTL and EDM. Vancouver may still be in this. Despite the Rozsival signing, I’m still hearing the Rangers are still in play for Wade Redden and Brooks Orpik. It doesn’t appear Orpik is seriously considering offers from LA and ATL. Likely down to Buf, Pit, NYR, LA, SJ.
6:48 TSN is reporting the Toronto Maple Leafs have signed forward Niklas Hagman to a 4 year deal worth 12 million.
6:45 The New York Rangers have resigned defenseman Michael Rozsival to a 4 year deal worth 20 million.
6:40 Penguins looking at Bertuzzi, Ryder and Mietinen as players who can be signed for under 3 million per season. Don Baizley the agent for Jarkko Ruutu has indicated his client will give the Penguins the opportunity to match any offer. All four players will not have a effect on resigning Hossa. Kristen Huselius is asking for 4.5 – 5 million per season.
6:39 According to Sportsnet the New Jersey Devils have signed Bobby Holik
6:18 Orpik seeking 6yrs – 22 million from the Penguins.In the Penguins last official offer last night the Penguins offered a 5yr deal worth 18 million with a partial no trade clause. Atlanta, Los Angeles, New York Rangers and Buffalo have made offers worth more than 4 million per season. San Jose also has a offer on the table but I’m being told it is below 4 million per season.
6:13 TSN is reporting the New Jersey Devils are on the verge of signing free agent forward Brian Rolston to a four-year, $20 million contract. Rolston was on the Penguins radar but the Penguins were only willing to go three years.
5:45 According to a source Hossa will not make a decision until tomorrow.
5:43 Rangers in the running for Hossa, Orpik and Redden. I’ve been told the Hossa sweepstakes are down to four teams including the Penguins. The three teams I know Hossa is considering are Pit, Det, NYR. A lot of speculation about who the fourth team is. (Bos?, EDM?, VAN?, MTL?)
5:41 Reports indicate the Chicago Blackhawks have signed defenseman Brian Campbell. According to Sportsnet the deal is 8yrs 56.8 million.
5:13 Quick recap of the latest Buzz: Penguins expect a decision from Marian Hossa ny tomorrow. Brooks Orpik is also still considering the Penguins. He has five offers on the table from the NYR, ATL, SJ, Buff, LA. Jagr, Naslund, Roslton high on the Penguins radar but neither of the three are sure things. 8 – 10 teams have made offers to Rolston. If the Penguins miss on the big four they will turn their attention to the next crop of forwards. Penguins are still aggressively trying to sign Jarkko Ruutu. The Penguins are also in the running for Antti Mietinen but his asking price is a bit high right now.
5:11 Andy Strickland is reporting Atlanta’s Offer of 8.5 per Campbell is being matched by Chicago”
4:55 No official offer has been made to Jagr but I’m hearing the discussions have centered around a 1yr – 5 million deal with incentives that could push the deal to 7.5 million.
4:50 Rangers are making a late push for Hossa. I’m hearing they’ve made a multi year offer worth over 50 million. Two surprising names to hear today are Sean Avery and Todd Bertuzzi. Both are longshots to sign with the Penguins but the Penguins are believed to have inquired about both players.
4:34 Sources tell TIOPS Penguins expect a decision from Marian Hossa very soon. EDM, Det, Chi, Van, Bos, NYR, MTL, CLB have made offers. Edmonton is believed to have made a 7yr offer worth close to 63 million but its been speculated that Hossa doesn’t have much interest in playing for the Oilers. I’ll be pretty surprised if Hossa signs with Edmonton. Well see if money wins out. Its a wait and see game with Brooks Orpik. Orpik has offers on the table from the NYR, LA Kings, Buffalo Sabres, Atlanta Thrashers and San Jose. I’m being told the Penguins may be willing to go 6yrs. Their last official offer was 5yrs – 18 million.
4:18 Marian Hossas’ preference is to sign with the Detroit Red Wings but they are believed to be offering the least amount of money. That’s the hold up right now. Rangers making a late push. EDM, CHI, SJ, Bos, Van have made offers. Florida and New Jersey have had discussions with Ritch Winter but I don’t think they have made offers. Pittsburgh is still in the sweepstakes. Until Hossa signs I don’t expect any news on the other big names the Penguins are pursuing.
4:10 Sources have confirmed the Penguins offer to Markus Naslund is 2yrs – 7.5 million. Sources also indicate Shero has been in discussions with Ritch Winter the agent for Marian Hossa throughout the day. There’s a interest in Huselius but not at his 5 million a year asking price.
4:05 TSN is reporting Darcy Tucker has agreed to a two year deal with the Colorado Avalanche worth $4.5 million.
3:51 Orpik has four offers on the table that will pay him more than 4 million per season. New York is offering 6yrs – 25 million. LA, ATL and Buff also have offers on the table. Orpik is still in discussions with the Penguins and wants 6 years. I’m hearing the Penguins latest offer is 5yrs – 18 million, may be willing to go 6yrs – 22 million. The Rangers are also in strong pursuit of Brian Campbell and Wade Redden.
3:49 The Penguins have signed enforcer Eric Godard. The deal is believed to be for 550k. Georges Laraque has drawn interest from up to 5 teams. The Montreal Canadiens are in strong pursuit. I’ve been told Laraque has offers of atleast 1.5 million on the table.
3:34 Detroit looking at Brian Rolston. Pittsburgh may be willing to go three years. Talks with Jagr ongoing ( 1 year – 5 million offer with incentives that could reach 7.5 million.) Two year offer to Naslund. Detroit and NYR have also made offers to Naslund.
3:31 The Montreal Canadiens have resigned Andrei Kostitsyn for 3-years. The Columbus Jackets are expected to announce that they have signed Brendan Morrison to a 3year – 8 contract
3:28 TSN is reporting the Toronto Maple Leafs have signed defenseman Jeff Finger to a 4yr deal worth 3.5 million per season. The Penguins had a interest in Finger
3:23 There is speculation that the Tampa Bay Lightning have signed Adam Hall.
3:20 Andy Strickland of HockeyBuzz who is very reliable is reporting Darcy Tucker signing is immenent. I’ve been hearing it may be New Jersey. Pittsburgh did inquire about him. Stay tuned
3:10 TSN is reporting the Detroit Red Wings have signed Ty Conklin
3:08 Sources tell TIOPS the New York Rangers have offered Brooks Orpik a 6yr – 25 million offer. Orpik has two other offers on the table that will pay him 4.25 million
2:56 TSN is reporting the Washington Capitals have signed goaltender Jose Theodore to a two-year contract.
2:48 Markus Naslund is believed to be waiting to see what Vancouver does before he decides where he wants to play. The Penguins have made a two year offer worth 7.5 million. NYR and Det have also made offers. Look for New Jersey to get into the Naslund sweepstakes.
2:46 TSN is reporting the Vancouver Canucks have offered Mats Sundin a two year – 20 million offer.
2:28 Two year offers have been made to Naslund and Rolston. If the Penguins lose out on Hossa, their intentions are to get a two for 1 swap. Plenty of interests in other mid tier players but no other offers have been made yet.
2:21 Sources indicating Brooks Orpik returning to Pittsburgh looking unlikely although they won’t totally rule him out resigning with Pittsburgh. Orpik has two offers on the table that will pay him close to 4.25 million per season. NYR, Buf, Was, SJ, Phx, Min have been in strong pursuit of Orpik
2:17 Charvey TIOPS Penguins insider has been reporting for a week that the Penguins were going to make a offer to Jagr. Lets give props to him. Waiting to hear back from him on the details. I’m hearing it may be a 2 year – 10 million offer
2:15 reports the Penguins have made an offer to Jaromir Jagr.
2:08 The Chicago Blackhawks have offered Marian Hossa a 6yr – 50 million deal. I’m also being told the Rangers are in hot pursuit of Campbell and Hossa. Vancouver and Edmonton have made major offers. Still waiting to hear about Detroit.
2:05 The Penguins have resigned defenseman Mark Eaton. 2 year deal, waiting to hear back on a number. I’ve been told it is slightly less than what he made last year.
2:03 TSN is reporting some team has offered Sundin a two year deal worth $10 million per season.
1:40 Sources tell TIOPS the Penguins have made a 2yr – 9 million offer to Brian Rolston. A offer might have also been made to Markus Naslund. Penguins looking at plenty of others including Michael Ryder. The Penguins are also aggressively trying to resign Brooks Orpik and Jarkko Ruutu. As i wrote a few days ago the Penguins are not ruling out bringing Mark Eaton back at a reduced rate of what he made last season.
1:20 The Penguins have increased the amount of years in their offer to Marian Hossa but not the amount of money.
1:01 Penguins in strong pursuit of Brian Rolston and Markus Naslund. Offers might have been made. more details in a bit. Penguins exploring all options. Pretty much all of the mid tier forwards are in play but Rolston and Naslund are at the top of the Penguins list. The Penguins are still keeping an eye on Marian Hossa. Jarkko Ruutu has indicated he will give the Penguins the chance to match any offer. As i reported a few days ago the Penguins have made a two year offer to Ruutu
12:58: Montreal, Nashville, Colorado in strong pursuit of Georges Laraque. I’m hearing there are atleast three other teams interested in him.
12:45 p.m. My Penguins sources are telling me there hearing Edmonton will offer Marian Hossa a 7yr – 63 million contract. Vancouver also expected to make a huge offer. Detroit the team Hossa is very interested in joining have yet to make a offer but are expected to make a offer if they don’t sign Mats Sundin. I’m not sure how much interest Hossa has in Edmonton or Vancouver. NYR, BOS, SJ has also made inquires about Hossa. To recap 5yr – 18 million on the table to Brooks Orpik. Offers on the table to Adam Hall and Jarkko Ruutu.
12:44 p.m. Sportsnet.Ca is reporting The Tampa Bay Lightning have signed forward Radim Vrbata
12:31 p.m. San Jose, NYR, Washington, Buffalo, Minnesota and Phoenix have inquired about Brooks Orpik
12:16 p.m. Sources tell TIOPS Penguins inquire about Sean Avery. Also believed to be in hot pursuit of Brian Rolston. Eye Michael Ryder as their Petr Sykora signing but Ryder is not at the top of the Penguins list. Throughout the week I’ve been hearing the Penguins would also give Radim Vrbata and Markus Naslund a strong look.
12:00 p.m. two year offers on the table to Ruutu and Hall. 5yr 18 million offer on the table to Orpik. 7yrs – 52 million to Hossa.
TheFourthPeriod is reporting Brad Stuart has resigned with the Detroit Red Wings to a 4 year deal worth $15 million
11:51 a.m. Two year offer has been made to Adam Hall from the Lightning. Hall is very good friends with Malone. NSH, ATL, FLA, NYI are also being mentioned as potential suitors.
11:40 a.m. – The Penguins have signed forward Pascal Dupuis to a 3year deal believed to worth 1.2 million per season. Hattip to Dave Molinari for breaking the story.
11:33 a.m. – I’m being told the offer on the table for Marian Hossa is 7yrs – 52 million. There has been pressure from ownership to increase the offer to 7yrs. A lot of speculation going around that Vancouver will offer a longterm deal worth close to 8.5 million. The Edmonton Sun is reporting the Oilers are going to offer Hossa 9 million per season, although its believed Hossa doesn’t have much interest in joining the Oilers.
11:30 AM- TSN is reporting the Edmonton Oilers have traded Raffi Torres to Columbus for Gilbert Brule
TSN also reports Evgeni Malkin is expected to sign a new deal today or tomorrow similar to Sidney Crosby’s deal. more to come.. Andy TIOPS Sports staff
11:12 a.m. Strong possibility that Evgenin Malkin signing a longterm extension will be announced today. Rob Rossi reported last night the deal is believed to be in the range of 5yrs – 42.5 million. The Penguins are also expected to approach Jordan Staal about a long term extension. I’m hearing their initial offer is going to be 4yrs – 13.5 million. My sources are telling me expect to see 2-3 signings today.
11:07 a.m. The offer on the table to Brooks Orpik is 5yrs 18 million with a partial no trade clause that lets him pick the cities he wants to be traded to.
10:25 a.m. Forward Brian Rolston will test the market. The Penguins will be in play for him. I continue to hear that negotiations with Brooks Orpik are going to go down to the last minute. Minnesota, Phoneix, San Jose are the big three being mentioned right now. Plenty of other teams will inquire about him. There’s no truth to the rumor that the Bruins are going to offer Marian Hossa a 12 year deal. Marian Hossa is seeking a 6-8 year deal. My sources tell me Pittsburgh will have to increase their offer in the amount of years. There is pressure from ownership to increase the offer to 7.5 million per season. Montreal, Nashville, Colorado being mentioned as teams who are going to be in strong pursuit of Georges Laraque.