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Day 4 Analysis Goaltenders: Hartzell has improved each day of the camp

By Dave Fryer, Contributor to
*Sean Maguire displayed a good glove hand on a few saves, something he had not shown earlier in the week. Maguire looked a lot more comfortable between the pipes today, and he has really seemed to be absorbing a lot of information this week. But unfortunately for him, that is not all he absorbed. “Two hours and seven paintballs to the head later and I’m needing an Advil,” wrote Maguire on his Twitter account yesterday afternoon.
*Eric Hartzell has improved each day of the camp. He put together the best overall performance among the goalies yesterday, and while action was somewhat limited for the keepers today, Hartzell worked hard and was very much on his game. His time as a full-time starter with Yale last year, coupled with the extended work he got with the Penguins at the end of the season, has helped him have more stamina and consistency than his peers.
*Matt Murray was back on his game today, controlling his rebounds well and significantly improving his play on pucks around the net. The amount of space he is able to take up with his long legs allowed him to make a lot of pad saves look routine instead of lunging. “I’ve gotten a lot stronger over the past year, so with that, I’ve gotten a little faster. I’m a little better on down low plays, rebounds, stuff like that. And I’m a better when I have to battle. I’ve got more strength to make a couple extra saves now,” Murray said. He often sits too deep in his crease, which he surely has made up for by having such a lengthy upper body and wide wingspan. When he gets beat, though, it is frequently by shots that get by him in the middle range of the net, inside the posts.
*Tristan Jarry was average today, and that is not a bad thing. This is his first experience with the pro team, and he has had a lot to take in this week. He will have plenty of pressure on him in tomorrow’s scrimmage because of the position he plays, the crowd on-hand, and the spotlight of being the team’s top pick this year. But he seems poised to take it all in-stride. The only major downside to Jarry’s day was that he took a shot off the collarbone during the forwards session and decided not to return to the ice with the defensemen. But Assistant to the GM Tom Fitzgerald stated afterwards that staying in the locker room was more of a precautionary move and Jarry will be fine.
The three remaining goaltenders stayed on the ice for the first several minutes with the group of defensemen, where they stopped rimmed pucks behind their own net during a puck-retrieval drill early in the session. They then retreated to the dressing room to rejoin Jarry and the forwards.

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