Left Winger John Leclair was healthy scratch Tuesday night for the 2nd time in 6 games. The question this presumes is what role does Leclair have with the Penguins? Leclair is not the player he use to be but he is a player who did score 22 goals last season and recorded 25 pts in 27 games to finish the 05-06 season. His role has diminished but Leclair still has value. The Penguins power play has been awful of late because the Penguins rely on shots from the point but don’t have a big body in front of the net. Leclair could be the answer but he most likely will not be given the chance. Time will tell what the Penguins will do with Leclair but he still has value on this team as a third liner and as a part time power play specialist.

Other News….Andre Roy has been placed on waivers. Roy likely will not be picked up but the buzzontheburgh has learned Tampa Bay does have interest in Roy.

Pitt Hoops
Robert Morris hung in tough with Pitt for the better part of the game but Pitt pulled away late. What took Pitt so long to start getting the ball down low to Gray is a question i was wondering for the entire first half. Not a big fan of Gray but against a team like Robert Morris he was going to torch them which is what he did finishing with 21 pts and 15 rebounds. Pitt plays a great defensive game but until they get a offensive difference maker they won’t get past the sweet 16. Mike Cook may be that guy. He has great ability to drive to the hoop but we’ll see if Jamie Dixon let’s Cook put his skills on display which i doubt will happen. Jamie Dixon is a coach who is all about team play and team defense. Pitt looks like a team once again that is built to win the Big East not the NCAA Tourney.