Last years Super Bowl run was not but the Steelers need nothing in the off-season to help there chances of repeating. The Steelers need to follow the Patriots formula. Take chances on star players ( Cory Dillion) and get rid of older players before they are actually finished. Two players the Steelers should have said goodbyes too

1. Jeff Hartings – been 1 week away from being finished and if you watch tape on him last year his play was declining.
2. Deshea Townsend – 31 yrs old on the decline, needed to go younger.
3. Chris Hope over Brett Keisel. The money spent on Keisel should have been saved to keep Chris Hope around. The most underrated player on the Steelers “D” for the past 2 season.

One key to being a super bowl contender for years is to take a chance on a player like a Javon Walker. Walker was available at the draft but because of his antics about his contract in Green Bay the Steelers had absolutely no interest. The Steelers will always be competitive with their formula but this franchise could have won at least 3 super bowls in the past 10 years but they were always that one play maker away.