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— Utah St QB Jordan Love being off the board increases chances of Steelers going desired playmaker route in RD 2–

The Pittsburgh Steelers gladly took a back seat Thursday night in Round 1 of the NFL draft after turning what ended up being the 18th overall pick into Minkah Fitzpatrick with last September’s trade. Pittsburgh doesn’t have to live in the game of so and so has ‘great potential, we think he can be a contributor soon’.

Fitzpatrick is already a cornerstone one of the NFL’s up and coming defenses with T.J. Watt for years to come.

Tank for Tua? Despite a belief among NFL insiders Miami was going to pass on Tua because of the medicals with speculation of trading up to #3 for a tackle, the Dolphins after all got their quarterback at No. 5 in Tua Tagovalioa, but was interesting how trading two young pro bowlers last fall saw the Dolphins nonetheless go offensive line with the Fitzpatrick pick and a defensive back with the Laremy Tunsil selection later in the first round after trading down a few picks.

Had the Steelers never made the Fitzpatrick trade and came into the night with the 18th overall pick, it would have been a fascinating night on whether they would have pulled a Green Bay as the Packers stunned some by selecting Utah State QB Jordan Love with the 26th overall pick. The clock is now ticking on 36 year old Aaron Rodgers……

Love was a true wildcard on where he was going to fall and he was a prospect a number of Steelers scouts loved coming into this draft. Those scouts believe Love screamed Maholmes type characteristics with the physical traits.

There was smoke surrounding the Pittsburgh Steelers and Jordan Love for the last couple weeks as a top Round 2 target and while it’s a moot point now, the sense is Love would have been given great consideration if the Steelers would have still had the 18th overall pick.

Pittsburgh had a top-15 grade on Love and scuttlebutt is Love was the No.3 QB on their board, ahead of Justin Herbert.

Some have said this week how could the Steelers be considering a quarterback among their top couple picks with Ben Roethlisberger maybe only having a year or two left? — ‘You have to get him immediate help, right?’ –.

Does any remember the Landry Jones and Mason Rudolph selections when the Steelers were still in prime Big Ben years?

Ben is now 38 coming off a major elbow injury. Of course it is or was going to be strongly considered based on past actions.

Top QB's Available

1. Jacob Eason, Washington
2. Jaylen Hurts, Oklahoma
3. Jake Fromm, Georgia
4. Nate Stanley, Iowa
5. Anthony Gordon, Washington State

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