Insider Only First Round Big Board: Position by Position:

1st Round Quarterbacks
1. Sam Bradford, Oklahoma
2. Jimmy Clausen, Notre Dame
3. Tim Tebow, Florida
4. Colt McCoy, Texas
Analysis: Bradford (562 yds, 2TD) is the consensus No. 1 pick and barring a surprise 11th hour trade, he will be the Rams No. 1 pick.
Clausen (3,722 yds, 28TD-4INT) is the wildcard of the group. He could go in the top 10 but could also fall into the middle of the first round. Seattle and San Francisco are very high on him.
McCoy (3,512 yds, 27TD-12INT) is a longshot to get selected in the first round and likely an early second round pick.
Tebow (2,413 yds, 18TD-5INT) is highly unlikely to go into the top-20. Buffalo, Denver, Jacksonville and Minnesota are being linked to him but the Bills or Jaguars would have to move down.
Minnesota holds the No. 30 selection and remains a landing spot for Tebow. New England is also reportedly interested.
Teams are looking to move 2nd round picks to get into the late first round and land Tebow.
1st round Running Backs
1. C.J. Spiller (5-11, 195lbs), Clemson
2. Ryan Matthews (5-11, 220lbs), Fresno State
Analysis: C.J. Spiller (1,145 yds, 11TD) is the consensus No. 1 running back. Could go as high as No. 6 to the Seattle Seahawks. If the Jaguars stay at No. 10, Spiller is believed to be a strong option for them. The New York Giants have also expressed an interest in trading up for the talented running back.
If Spiller fell to No. 18, it is widely regarded that the Steelers would give him a strong look. A Steelers source would be shocked if Spiller got past Seahawks at No. 14.
Matthews (1,664 yds, 17 TD) is on the radar of the Houston Texans with the No. 20 selection. Likely to be selected in the 20-30 range but could get a look from the Seahawks at No. 14 if they miss out on Spiller.
Cal’s Jahvid Best will be an early second round pick.
Wide Receivers
1. Dez Bryant (6-2, 215), Oklahoma State
2. Demaryius Thomas (6-3, 230), Georgia Tech
Analysis: Only two wide receivers are projected to go into the first round. Bryant (17rec-323yds-4TD) is a top-10 talent and the only elite wide receiver of the group. However, there are character concerns that surround Bryant and he is regarded as a diva around the league.
There is some thought that his stock is dropping and could very well fall to the Cincinnati Bengals at No. 21
Thomas, (46rec-1,154yds-8TD) is rising on most draft boards. Some believe that he could be the first wide receiver taken due to Bryant’s character concerns.
Thomas is an exceptional talent who is regarded as a big physical home run threat. The Baltimore Ravens (No. 25) are believed to be very high on Thomas along with the New England Patriots.
1st Round Tight Ends
1. Jermaine Gresham, (6-6, 260), Oklahoma
Analysis: The only projected tight end to go in the first round. Grisham is on the radar of the Bengals, Ravens, Patriots.
1st Round Offensive Tackles
1. Russell Okung (6-6, 305), Oklahoma State
2. Trent Williams (6-5, 318), Oklahoma
3. Anthony Davis (6-6, 325), Rutgers
4. Bryan Bulaga (6-6, 312), Iowa
5. Rodger Saffold (6-5, 320), Indiana
6. Charles Brown (6-6, 285), USC
Analysis: A tackle rich draft, Okung and Williams headline a group of at least 5 tackles and maybe 6 that will go in the first round.
Okung and Williams will be off the board in the top-6.
Davis is regarded as having the most upside and is a top-10 talent. His value though is all over the board. Could go as high as No. 8 to Oakland or No. 9 Buffalo.
Bulaga is believed to be under consideration from the Chiefs at No. 5 but is likely to fall into the teens. A primary target of the 49ers who have the No. 13 and No. 17 pick. The Steelers are high on Bulaga and Davis.
Saffold is a player who is on the rise and is on the radar of the Colts and the Dallas Cowboys.
1st Round Offensive Guards
1. Mike Iupati (6-6, 330), Idaho
Analysis: Regarded as the best offensive guard prospect in years. A dominant run blocker who is a top target of the Steelers. Has been some talk that Iupati could go as high as No. 8 to the Raiders but that appears unlikely.
One area that is a work in progress — pass blocking.
1st Round Centers
1. Maurkice Pouncey (6-5, 318) Florida
Analysis: The top rated center in the draft and regarded by some as one of the top center in the past 5-7 years.
A player who can step in immediately and start. Highly unlikely to get past the Steelers at No. 18. On the radar of the Broncos who have the No. 11 selection.
1st Round Defensive Tackles
1. Ndamukong Suh, (6-4, 300), Nebraska
2. Gerald McCoy, (6-4, 294), Oklahoma
3. Dan Williams, (6-3, 330), Tenneseee
4. Jared Odrick, (6-4, 305), Penn State
5. Linval Joseph, (6-5, 320), East Carolina
6. Tyson Alualu
Analysis: Suh and McCoy will go No. 2 and No. 3. Dan Williams of Tennessee is the consensus No. 3 defensive tackle and a top target of 3-4 teams. Cleveland, Buffalo, Miami, Pittsburgh, Baltimore are believed to be very high on Williams.
Odrick is another player on the radar of 3-4 teams. Remains a consideration for Pittsburgh at No. 18. Unlikely to get past the Patriots or Ravens.
1st Round Defensive Ends
1. Derrick Morgan, (6-4, 280) Georgia Tech
2. Jason Pierre-Paul (6-6, 275), South Florida
3. Brandon Graham (6-1, 265), Michigan
Analysis: Morgan and Pierre-Paul are the elite pass rushers in the draft and Brandon Graham has drawn comparisons to LaMarr Woodley and is also being coveted as an outside linebacker.
Morgan could go as high as No. 7 to Cleveland, while Pierre-Paul is believed to be under strong consideration from the Jaguars with the No. 10 selection.
USC’s Everson Griffen is believed to be under little consideration as a first round pick.
1st Round Inside Linebackers
1. Rolando McClain (6-4 261), Alabama
Analysis: The top inside linebacker in the draft and the only consensus 1st round prospect. A top-10 talent who is highly coveted. Getting consideration from Oakland at No. 8 and Jacksonville at No. 10. Also a top target of the New York Giants who are looking to move up. Is expected to be off the board by the No. 12 selection.
1st Round Outside Linebackers
1. Sergio Kindle (6-4, 255) Texas
2. Sean Weatherspoon, (6-2, 245)
3. Jerry Hughes, (6-3, 260), TCU
Analysis: Kindle will be the first outside linebacker off the board and Sean Weatherspoon will become an option for teams in the middle of the first round. Regarded as the best fit in a 4-3 scheme.
Jerry Hughes of TCU could sneak into the late first round. He is being looked at as a defensive end by a number of teams.
1st Round Cornerbacks
1. Joe Haden (5-11, 190) Florida
2. Kareem Jackson (6-0, 193), Alabama
3. Kyle Wilson (5-10, 186) Boise State
4. Devin McCourty (5-10, 190) Rutgers
Analysis: Joe Haden headlines a strong cornerback group but Kyle Wilson and Kareem Jackson are closing quickly.
Some teams are believed to have Jackson or Wilson rated higher than Haden whose 4.55 forty time has hurt his stock.
The 49ers and Browns are very high on Wilson. Haden is projected to go anywhere from 13-18.
All three players are on the Steelers radar.
Devin McCourty is a versatile cornerback and excels on special teams. He will be drafted in the 20-32 range. He is not believed to be a consideration at No. 18.
Patrick Robinson out of Florida State could sneak into the first round. He is a great value in the early second round.
1st Round Safeties
1. Eric Berry (5-11, 203) Tennessee
2. Earl Thomas (5-10, 208), Texas
3. Taylor Mays (6-3, 240), USC
Analysis: Berry is regarded as a the next Ed Reed and could go as high as No. 4 to the Washington Redskins. Thomas is a top-10 talent and the most dynamic playmaker in the draft who will likely be off the board by No. 13.
Mays is a late 1st round/early 2nd round prospect.

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