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Insider Only Benz: The Steelers downhill roll is getting faster by the day


Anybody take a look at the first two games on the on the Steeler schedule? At New England and home for San Francisco? Boy! Those are two teams that have had some bad offseasons, huh?

In New England, LeGarrette Blount got suspended for the opener. The Patriots lost the likes of Darrelle Revis, Brandon Browner, Kyle Arrington, Shane Vereen, & Dan Connolly off their Super Bowl roster. The organization lost a million bucks and a 2016 sixteen draft pick because of Deflategate. Tom Brady’s status is still in doubt. Brandon Spikes faked a deer strike accident. And former Pro Bowler (Aaron Hernandez) got convicted of murder.

Meanwhile, the Niners lost coach Jim Harbaugh in a messy divorce. Chris Borland retired out of nowhere. Former player Ray McDonald got indicted on a rape charge. Ahmad Brooks is charged with sexual battery by the same woman. Aldon Smith got arrested again. Bruce Miller pleaded no contest in June on a domestic violence charge. Chris Culliver is awaiting prosecution on a hit and run. And Jerome Simpson just got suspended (substance abuse) for a third time.

So with those off seasons imagine how many distractions and roster issues those clubs are going to have to overcome when they play the Stee….

Oh, right.

What the hell happened since Le’Veon Bell’s knee got blown up by the Bengals in the home finale? They lost that abortion of a playoff game vs Baltimore. And it’s been an even faster roll downhill from there. Let’s recap…


Ok, this could have been worse. As we pointed out above, Blount got a game for being involved in the same incident on McKnight Road. But Bell was driving. So he gets three games. But it got knocked down to two. However, those fans holding out hope that he’d somehow be dressing for the home opener against San Fran are S.O.L


The Steelers wanted tight end Maxx Williams out of Minnesota. I had heard for two years they liked this player. What a great eventual replacement for Heath Miller he would have been! Then the AFC North rival Ravens traded with Bruce Arians and the Arizona Cardinals to get one spot in front of the Black and Gold to nab Williams before the Steelers could take him.

Screwed by a hated team and a former employee! KAHHHHHHN!!!!

Well at least they could use the pick to draft a much needed corner instead. And it’s possible Senquez Golson could help the club this seas…damnit!!!!


Over the span of three pre-season games Pittsburgh has lost its kicker and back up QB for the year. A Pro Bowl center is gone for likely half the year. And Stephon Tuitt may miss the start of the season. Aside from that the pre-season has been awesome.


The team signed Michael Vick. Yes Steeler fans, your “model franchise” willfully is employing this disgrace of a human being. Back up QB…upgraded. Faith in humanity…eliminated.


So you say you got burned out on the Mike Vick talk within three days? So you think a lot of that is my fault?

Guilty as charged (just like Vick).

Well, good news sports radio listeners/blog readers! “As the topic turns….” we give you Martavis Bryant facing a four game suspension for substance abuse. As of now, Bryant is appealing. But who knows how that could wind up.

Awesome. So this 35-point-per-game offense (that’s on you John Fedko) has now lost its o-line anchor, its nearly automatic kicker, its multi-faceted stud RB, and its emerging young deep threat WR for what could total 30 man-games. Eh, that’s only 228 points gone from last year’s team (not counting Pouncey who, you know, blocks for a lot of that stuff).

So bring on the Pats and Niners! We see your troubled road and raise you an extra dumpster full of gravel!


*Michael Vick paying his debt to society doesn’t mean that you’ve paid your debt to humanity*

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