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Polanco’s 1st half in line with Dave Parker

Has Gregory Polanco arrived?

Remember when he first came up in 2014 and looked like he was ready for Hall of Fame consideration after about three weeks in the lineup?

From July of that season through the end of last season he looked like a guy who wasn’t quite ready for the big leagues.

He was a .250 hitter with average power.

After being compared to Roberto Clemente, Willie Stargell, Dave Parker and Barry Bonds, he had put up numbers that were more in line with Orlando Merced at his age.

Have you seen him lately?

Did you see the two home runs he hit against the Cardinals on the Fourth of July?

The first one, a line drive into the right field seats, was off of Carlos Martinez, who had been just about unhittable in his last six starts and had gone 121 batters without giving up a home run.

The second one, off of Seth Maness was a screaming line drive to the opposite field and had fans behind the left field fence ducking.

Both were on one-arm swings.

Polanco is listed at 6’5”, 230 pounds, exactly the same size as Parker. He appears to have filled out quite a bit since his rookie year and he finally looks like a future star.

He’s hitting .297 and is on pace to finish with 24 home runs and 100 RBI.

Those would not be Orlando Merced numbers.

Polanco is 24. He turns 25 in September.

Are you ready for what Parker and those Hall of Fame outfielders did when they were the same age?
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