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Hines Ward training for Ironman World Championship

Former Steeler and Super Bowl MVP Hines Ward is taking on a new post-football challenge, training for the Ironman World Championship, and he’s documenting it in the new series “Become One,. In partnership with Refuel | ‘Got Chocolate Milk?’, Ward will undertake a training and recovery regimen with elite professional coaches and sports dietitians that will prepare him for the 2013 Ironman World Championship in Kailua-Kona, Hawai’i. His transformation from gridiron athlete to Ironman triathlete will be captured in the new online documentary series “Become One,” which can be seen on
In “Become One,” cameras follow Ward and his fellow Ironman triathlon apprentices for seven months as they prepare for the biggest athletic challenges of their lives: a back-to-back 2.4-mile open water swim, 112-mile bike race, and full 26.2-mile marathon. The reality-style webisodes will document the highs and lows of their grueling training, spotlight the importance of their after-exercise routines and role that lowfat chocolate milk plays in helping their bodies recover after hard workouts; and inspire all athletes to break out of their comfort zone and prove that anything is possible.

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