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Insider Only League Chatter: Antonio Brown will be traded this off-season

Main takeaways from Mike Tomlin’s Wednesday Press Conference:

1. Tomlin, as expected, was on the defensive about the Antonio Brown fake knee injury, calling it a real injury to obviously protect the Steelers from league discipline, though, it became clear by Tomlin’s comments that even if he was telling the truth and the team thought Brown had an actual injury at one point, the team obviously became fully aware by Saturday morning that the injury was pretty much made up by Brown when Brown went AWOL and skipped the scheduled MRI on Friday.

2. As the press conference dragged on and by the time it ended, it became clear Tomlin and the Steelers have finally reached a breaking point with Brown and a trade is very much going to be in play as it should be.

3. The mystery remains we’re the Steelers really going to try to hide this story if they would have snuck in the playoffs? It sure seems that way. This only got out because of players in that room.

League Chatter: Steelers will trade Antonio Brown

As Brown is forcing his way out of Pittsburgh, the prevailing sense around the league is the Steelers indeed will trade Brown this off-season.

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