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It’s Detroit or nowhere for Mike Babcock next season

Babcock not going anywhere for at least one season
Red Wings head coach Mike Babcock might indeed want to coach Sidney Crosby like some media outlets claim, but it’s certainly not going to happen next season (2014-2015).
Babcock who has one year left on his contract, is very loyal to the Red Wings and won’t consider moving his family this year even if the Red Wings were to fire him (not going to happen) due to his son being a senior in high school.
Babcock tells Nick Cotsonika of Yahoo Sports that he is “a hundred percent” committed to the Red Wings for the next season.

“I have a contract for a year; Ken Holland has a contract for a year,” Babcock said via Yahoo Sports. “I assume the sequence of events are, they deal with Ken Holland first, and then they deal with Mike Babcock. But I’m real comfortable, and I mean that, and I’ve said it. I’m on record. I’m comfortable in my situation. It’s not like I need someone to do anything right now. I’m fine because I think our team’s going in the right direction again.”
Cotsonika explains that Babcock won’t uproot his family this upcoming season. “Babcock said even if the Wings fired him now, he would not look for another job until after next season,” Cotsonika writes. “The youngest of his three children will be a senior in high school in the Detroit area. He will not uproot his daughter, and he will not coach elsewhere during that time.”
“I ain’t missing it,” Babcock said of his son.
The Penguins being able to get Babcock this summer is not a realistic possibility.

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