Rumors coming out of Russia indicate that former Pittsburgh Penguins star Jaromir Jagr has had a very difficult time with the death of teammate Alexei Cherepanov which has led to speculation that Jagr may be looking for a change of scenery and possibly tear up his contract and return to the NHL. There has also been some rumblings that Omsk is in financial trouble but team officials have denied reports that Jagr hasn’t received all of his money that has been promised to this point
Article from Russian Newspaper: “Recently in the Russian press the loud news appeared: the main star of continental hockey the leagues Of [Jaromir] Of [Jagr] it is so detuned because of the tragic loss of its partner in the Omsk ‚Äúadvance guard‚Äù of Aleksey Cherepanov, which is assembled to leave command. ‚ÄúIzvestiya‚Äù turned to the agent attacking Yaroslav [Zideku], who ‚Äúsensation‚Äù refuted: – This is usual ‚Äúduck‚Äù, yard about the departure from Russia he does not think also on this theme he did not talk with the management ‚Äúof advance guard‚Äù. Yes, Cherepanov’s death threw down him into the shock, indeed they was friends. But this is not occasion in order to tear up contract‚Ķ By arrangement with the club to the period of goblet ‚Äú[Karyala]‚Äù it left to the Czech Republic, but on Friday already it returned to Omsk. Information about the fact that ‚Äúadvance guard‚Äù experiences financial difficulties and detains to my under wardship wage, also untruth. Until now all promised money Of Jagr obtained in time.”