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Insider Only Jagr’s ability down low in the puck possession game intrigues Bylsma

Here some quick hits from Dan Bylsma’s media session: Some intriguing topics included Jaromir Jagr, adjusting his system to different players and the power play:
— Dan Bylsma said that Sidney Crosby is progressing in his recovery and that he is working out two times a day.
The Penguins remain optimistic that Crosby will be healthy for the start of training camp. To this point, there has been no read flags for Crosby in his off-season program.
— The biggest question mark in the Penguins pursuit of Jaromir Jagr has been about whether the Penguins feel Jagr is a fit in their uptempo system.

Bylsma continues to emerge as a strong supporter of bringing Jagr on-board and says that he see’s Jagr as a fit in his system.
A key will be Bylsma adjusting to Jagr and Bylsma says his system is always changing and about adjusting.
Some will disagree with that but Bylsma at least appears open to the idea that he’s going to have to adjust to his players better than he has in the past.
One interesting tidbit, Bylsma said at the core, the Penguins are a puck possession team that likes to work down low in the offensive zone.
Bylsma see’s Jagr being an asset in that area for his hockey club.
On the power play: Bylsma said they are developing several different looks and will consider using four forwards.
Especially if Jagr comes on-board, all indications are Malkin will play the right point with Kris Letang at the point.
On players lugging the puck up on the power play: Bylsma said he may start getting away from having the same player do that. Getting possession into the zone was a major issue for the Penguins once Crosby and Malkin were out.
Bylsma said Crosby and Malkin could be the designated puck carriers.
— No real update on Evgeni Malkin other than the fact that Malkin continues to rehab extremely well. Bylsma says he will be ready to go for camp.
— more to come

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