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If the NHL doesn’t participate in the 2018 Olympics, league officials are more than confident there won’t be any kind of mass exodus among star players that would be a black eye for the NHL.

Alexander Ovechkin is going to go and some Russians may follow him, Evgeni Malkin among them, but there’s no fear among Gary Bettman and his co-horts in the league office that prominent North American star players and faces of the league like Sidney Crosby, Patrick Kane would go if the NHL wasn’t participating.

In fact top league officials don’t believe there would be one North American player that would go. The Russian players going, the league doesn’t really care.

This is the primary reason Gary Bettman is taking such a hard line on the NHL’s desire of not going to Olympics.

If they feared a Sidney Crosby would be going that would lead to others following him, then things may be different.

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