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Latest buzz on Pens pursuit of Jagr
Here’s a rundown of some of the latest Jagr developments and likely the last update of the day on Jagr:
*A decision from Jagr will not happen today, although one could be coming on Wednesday or at least a decision to push forward from Jagr’s camp with their prefered team.
*Everything still points to the Penguins and Red Wings being the front runners for Jagr but with Jagr you just never know. Nothing with him surprises me and one former agent of Jagr’s told me today that he hears the KHL is still very much in play.
*The third mystery is not believed to be the New Jersey Devils, according to Rob Rossi of the Tribune-Review.
Onto the Penguins pursuit…..
*I have it on pretty good authority that the Penguins have yet to make an official offer to Jagr but one will be coming by tomorrow morning. Some numbers though have been floated around.
*Any deal for Jagr would be under $3 million. That’s a number the Penguins are not going to approach as the team won’t tie their cap up into a 39 year old player.
In fact, some whispers earlier today is that the Penguins are unlikely to offer Jagr more than $2 million per season. I feel they might be willing to go a little bit higher but not much.
*I’m told that for the second straight day, today was a feeling out process from both sides, with less discussions with the agent and more with Jagr.
Jagr I’m told spoke with at least two key members from the Penguins organization this afternoon (eastern time zone).
Was one of them head coach Dan Bylsma or assistant Tony Granato? A source in Jagr’s camp told me that one of Jagr’s biggest question marks is with the Penguins style of play and that Jagr was expected to talk with a member of the coaching staff at some point in the process.
That conversation is expected to happen in the near future.

*Everything I can gather is that Jagr’s top choice is Pittsburgh but a lot of factors are in play. A deal with the Red Wings has been in place for days but Jagr wanting to reach out to Pittsburgh is a telling sign and a positive for Pittsburgh.
However, for a guy who has been making at least $6 million or more per season since around 1998, it’s still difficult for some close to Jagr, envisioning him playing for anything under $2 million.
The Wings are now said to be offering Jagr $2-$3 million but it would be a big surprise to many around the league if they go above $3MM.
The Jagr saga will go on for at least one more day.

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