Latest on Sidney Crosby & Tuesday’s Practice Buzz
Penguins head coach Dan Bylsma ran practice on Tuesday with the sense that he probably won’t have Sidney Crosby in the lineup for Game 1 as Crosby worked on a spare line again with Joe Vitale and Dustin Jeffrey and saw no power play time on the first or second power play unit.
Crosby though has yet to be ruled out or cleared to play tomorrow night as he doesn’t see the doctor until this afternoon.

Crosby indicated that when he gets the Ok from the doctor, he’s going right in the lineup as he’s not concerned about having limited contact in practice. Crosby mentioned that as long as the doctor feels confident in him taking a hit, he’ll feel confident in taking a hit.
“As long as he {doctor} feels confident to take a hit, I’ll be confident as well,” Crosby said.
The feeling around the team is that Crosby is a lock to play at somepoint in Round 1, even if he doesn’t get clearance this afternoon.
“I’m chomping at the bit to get back,” Crosby said.