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Insider Only Latest Rumblings: Brisson tops Penguins wishlist; Capitals reach out to Shero

The Pittsburgh Penguins have a shortlist of 5-6 GM candidates they are very intrigued about, (also have candidates reaching out to them as this is a coveted job), but the search starts with super agent Pat Brisson. Multiple sources say Brisson is indeed the Penguins top GM target.
Brisson is the candidate co-owners Mario Lemieux and Ron Burkle see as having great promise to move this team in the right direction, despite no GM experience.
There has been multiple discussions between both sides over the last couple days, sources say, and many close to the situation believe the job is Brisson’s if he wants it, which is the unknown right now.
Burkle who was a driving force on Shero’s dismissal along with CEO David Morehouse, is pushing hard to sell Brisson on making the jump to an NHL executive role as the two are very close.
Burkle is believed to be so serious about Brisson being the right guy that there’s talk of the Penguins likely being willing to chalk up big money, possibly in the $4 million per season range to lure Brisson to Pittsburgh, which would be significant money for a General Manager to make in the NHL.
Even at that price, though, would still be a paycut for Brisson who is one of the NHL’s most powerful and wealthiest agents.
Former Penguins GM Ray Shero has told close friends today that the Washington Capitals have reached out expressing interest, a source with knowledge of the situation says.

Some interesting chatter regarding Shero to come out this evening is that there appears to be a feeling at least to some close to Shero that Team President David Morehouse strongly desires to be more involved with personnel decisions and Shero knew this. Was it a big reason for Shero’s ouster? No, but Morehouse being more involved from an input standpoint wasn’t going to happen with Shero still the GM.
Morehouse and Ron Burkle started having serious questions about Shero’s vision and direction of the team several months ago.
Shero who is unlikely to be out of work long and a strong possibility in Washington, isn’t a lock to try to bring Dan Bylsma with him if he gets the job.
I was a bit surprised to learn today that those close to the situation say the relationship between Shero and Bylsma is not as strong as it once was and deterred this season due to differences on personnel opinions.

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