Just a visit.
As i posted yesterday, John Clayton is reporting quarterback Aaron Brooks visited the Steelers facility over the weekend and the Steelers are interested in Brooks as the teams 3rd quarterback. I asked Ed Bouchette about the Brooks rumor and according to Bouchette, he doesn’t see the Steelers signing Brooks

Jays GM denies rumors
Toronto Blue Jays GM .P. Ricciardi says forget about the Jays trading for Wilson. ‚ÄúWe have no interest in Jack Wilson, absolutely no interest in Jack Wilson. None,‚Äù he said. ‚ÄúI have Jack Wilson. I have John McDonald”.

UFA Wildcard
Danny Markov, currently the top defenseman available in free agency is holding out for a 3 yr deal worth 10-11 million according to sources. Since the start of free agency, Markov has turned down offers from the Penguins, Blackhawks and NYI. The Detroit Red Wings would love to re-sign Markov but are only offering a 1 year deal worth 2.5 million. Interested teams: Buffalo, Detroit, NYI, MTL? Chicago?

Emery effect
The Ottawa Senators have signed goaltender Ray Emery to a three year deal worth 9.5 million and Emery’s deal could be a starting point for negotiations between the Penguins and Marc Andre Fleury. Despite earlier rumors the two sides will talk in the next couple weeks, today, I talked to a source who said the Penguins may wait until after the season to sign Fleury long term