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Insider Only Lawrence Timmons on James Harrison: “We accept him”

Pittsburgh Steelers star inside linebacker Lawrence Timmons who is close to James Harrison, was on TSN Radio in Toronto today and discussed Harrison at length:

Timmons on James Harrison’s comments: “I definitely was a bit surprised when I heard it.
“That’s all I’m going to say about that. James Harrison is a big part of my growth. After my rookie year, I had a tough rookie year, and during the summer I worked out with him the whole time. And he basically just taught me how to work and how to be an athlete in this business. He was just substantial to my career and I look up to the guy and admire him. I have just nothing but the best things to say about him.
On James being misunderstood:“James is a guy that’s misunderstood. A lot of people think he’s a bad person, but he just sometimes says some things that he shouldn’t. I’m pretty sure he doesn’t feel this way, he probably just got kind of mixed up with his words. But he’s a great guy. .. He’s a great father, he does a lot in our community, he’s a Pittsburgh Steeler, we accept him, and I have nothing but the best things to say about him.”
On Harrison making things difficult for himself: “That’s a tough question, but it’s a very tough spot to be him. “James, like I said earlier, he’s not the best with words sometimes, he’s definitely misunderstood at times. He loves the Steelers, I’m pretty sure he loves Rashard and Ben, they always do like a little celebration than everybody else before the game. I’m pretty sure he does have a bit of fire towards Goodell because of the fines. That was a bit unfair I thought because they don’t have a limit on the fines they give, and they just came up with fines and gave it to the guy and I felt like that was very unfair.”
Timmons on if he will talk to Harrison about his comments: “No I would never do that, because he’s a guy that’s misunderstood,” Timmons said. “I know he didn’t mean to say it like that. I just know I look up to him, he brought me up, like I said, in my career. And I just think he’s a bit misunderstood right now. ..
Timmons on players making mistakes: “We should abide by the rules, but at the same time we’re all human. We shouldn’t drive drunk, I understand that totally, and we shouldn’t make certain derogatory comments either. But we are human and we make mistakes sometimes.”
Timmons on fines: “A lot of guys feel a certain way about the fines,” he said. “The fines, they were ill-advised and came out of nowhere and it wasn’t fair. This is quite a bit of chunk of change — you’re talking about 20 to 75 grand taken out of your checks. A lot of guys may have kids, three or four mortgages. That hurts. So yeah, I’m pretty sure there’s a lot of animosity towards Goodell.”

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