When Ben Roethlisberger was suspended for the first four games during the 2010 season, head coach Mike Tomlin proceeded during that training camp with Roethlisberger getting significant first-team reps throughout and it will be no different for how Tomlin handles starting running back Le’Veon Bell who will be suspended for the three games of the season.
“I’ll treat him [Le’Veon Bell] like I treat everyone else that’s in the position he’s in,” Tomlin said of Bell. “He’s a first-team tailback. He’s going to run with that group. That’s not going to affect how we approach training.”
With DeAngelo Williams being a 10 year veteran and 32 years old, the Steelers won’t be looking to over use him in camp but Tomlin made it clear today he’s going to be challenging Williams and already has.
“I know he’s been around a long time but not around a long time with me. I have challenged him in ways that is probably uncomfortable for a 10-year [veteran], but he’s taken it in good spirit.”
Observers in Carolina say Williams was overweight the last couple season and was playing around 235 pounds last season.

Tomlin urged Williams to report to camp under 220 pounds and he did, saying today he weighs 217.