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Mike Tomlin Press Conference Week 5

Week 5 PC Notes
Steelers still exploring candidates when it comes to running backs. Tomlin would not mention any names but said the Steelers will sign two running backs by the end of the day. Najeh Davenport is expected to sign this afternoon according to Ed Bouchette.
Mendenhall – Shoulder fracture – to have surgery relatively quickly
Brett Keisel – Calf
Casey Hampton – groin
Willie Parker – knee sprain
Carey Davis – questionable –Tomlin said Davis felt a lot better today
Andre Frazier expected to play.

Tomlin’s take on the Jaguars
Jaguars led by David Garrad. Two top notch tail backs in Taylor and Jones-Drew. At wide receiver the Steelers need to be aware of Jones-Drew on third downs and Tomlin mentions the Steelers need to limit Garrad’s running ability on third down. Tomlin says undrafted rookie Brian Witherspoon is a player the Steelers need to keep an eye on in the special teams department. Witherspoon is averaging 29.7 yards per return
Steelers addressing the O-Line situation. They are going to open it up and have some competition. Stapleton and Essex will battle this week and go from there. I got the vibe from Tomlin that the Steelers could look to the free agent wire during the bye week
Tomlin says Moore has been capable of carrying the load for a short period. Tomlin said Moore came up big last night
Tomlin indicates Ben has been an advocate of running the no huddle. Tomlin said they spent a lot of time working on that phase of the offense.
Tomlin says he needs to trust his quarterback more at managing the clock late in the game. Tomlin was referring to calling a timeout late in the game because he thought the play clock was going to run out
The Steelers will continue to use Santonio Holmes on punt returns in certain situations. Tomlin feels Moore and Holmes are working well together
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