Jon Heyman reported last night that the Pirates are making a serious play for Yankees catcher Russell Martin. Heyman wrote on Tuesday night, “word going around is that the Pirates might come in with the high bid, perhaps for three years and maybe close to $25 million — though sources familair with their situation suggest $21 million is closer to where they are now.”
Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports backed that speculation, mentioning today on twitter — “Not saying Martin will pick #Pirates over #Yankees. But if Pirates made 3-yr., $24M offer, as one exec says, this could get interesting.”
Are the numbers thrown around being fabricated from the agent to other Major League executives?
Pirates sources say yes, indicating that speculation of the Pirates offering three years in the $24-$25 million range is false, with word around the Pirates organization being that the Pirates have had discussions with Martin’s rep about a three year deal in the $18-$20 million range but have not officially offered a “three year offer”. Maybe the Pirates are trying to lower expectations but there’s denials coming out about the team planning to go as high as $24-$25 million, which would be another example of the Pirates wasting money.

Martin last season made $7.5 million and hit .211/.311/.413 with a career high 21 home runs and added 56 RBI’s. He batted .161 in the post-season.
Martin a right handed hitter, would likely see his power numbers go down playing in PNC Park and he threw out just 24% of base stealers, below the Major League average.