1. Manny Machado, (6-3 190)
Age 17: School: Brito Miami Private High School
Stats:(as of 5/26).639 avg – 12 HR – 56 RBI’s – 43R – 55H – 27(2B) – 17SB
Agent: Represented by Scott Boras
Will Huntington’s good relationship with Scott Boras lure ownership to take the best player on the board?

Word out of the Pirates organization is that the Pirates have not settled on who they will take with the No. 2 overall selection in the upcoming MLB draft. The team is believed to be seriously considering four prospects with the pick
The buzz today is that the four prospects still under consideration are high school shortstop Manny Machado, high school pitcher Jameson Taillon, and college pitchers Chris Sale and Drew Pomeranz.
According to multiple team sources, high school shortstop Manny Machado is the No. 1 rated prospect on the Pirates draft board over the likes of Bryce Harper and has been for some time.
However, it is still not a foregone conclusion that Machado will be the Pirates selection.
Machado is represented by superagent Scott Boras who is believed to be seeking upwards of a $9.35 million signing bonus for Machado. The highly touted infielder is regarded by the majority of scouts as a cornerstone shortstop for years to come.
The Boras factor is always looming for small market teams, including the Pirates who do not have a good past with Boras after the Pedro Alvarez fiasco. Boras is regarded around the industry as despising Pirates President Frank Coonelly.
One factor on the Pirates side is GM Neal Huntington. Boras and Huntington have a close working relationship, dating back to Huntington’s time in Cleveland. Some have even called the two friends.
Despite the issues that surrounded both sides during the Alvarez negotiations, Boras blames Frank Coonelly for the circumstances not Neal Huntington.
Machado and Taillon will cost the Pirates well over slot value. Taillon is represented by the Hendricks brothers.
Chris Sale and Drew Pomeranz will be much easier to sign and Sale is believed to be looking to sign quickly as he’s regarded as the most ready pitcher in the draft.