Monday’s CBA talks considered a waste of time from both sides

The NHL and NHLPA resumed talks tonight in New York and the buzz from both sides is that it was a complete waste of time. The NHLPA who initiated talks to resume this week, came to the meeting with no new proposal keeping talks at a standstill. The NHL is waiting for the NHLPA to come up with a full economic proposal that Bill Daly claims they still haven’t made (full proposal) two months into the lockout.
The league won’t address the issues the players have with contractual rights from the NHL’s offer until new ideas (proposals) are made from the players on other core economic issues. Sources close to situation on the NHL’s side still believe the chances are slim there’s any real progress until around mid-December as the vibe among the NHL top negotiators is that the players still feel no urgency to get a deal done yet. Cancellation of games ranging from December 1 through December 15 is expected to happen by early next week at the latest, if there’s no breakthrough in talks this week.

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