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Insider Only More Details emerging from Hines Ward’s DUI arrest

Hines Ward’s attorney and close associates to him continue to claim Ward was not drunk on Saturday morning and that they will be able to prove it. However, according to new details emerging, that’s going to be difficult for Ward’s camp.

According to the Dekalb County Police report, Ward did in fact take a breathilizer test and a blew a .128, and also according to the report, Ward had a strong odor of alcohol coming from him, blood shot eyes and a red face.
An interesting twist in the report, is that according to TMZ, the .128 was an unofficial reading that is not admissible in court. Ward according to the police report, refused to take a second breathalyzer test that would have been the official test.
Ward was initially pulled over because cops saw him driving erractically and he hit a curb. According to the police report, Ward told authorities that he dropped his phone, which was the reason for the erractic driving.
Ward also failed a field sobriety test, during which the officers in the report say Ward lacked “smooth pursuit” and suffered from nystagmus (eye movement).
The officer in the police report says that Ward also had a hard time keeping his balance during a “walk and turn evaluation.”
Ward told officers that he only had two drinks.
Ward’s DUI arrest is unlikely to draw a suspension from the league when the lockout ends.

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