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Insider Only NFL clubs believe the Steelers eventually could have a wandering eye to explore Antonio Brown’s trade value

brown-copyAntonio Brown trade talk isn’t going away

Long-time Post-Gazette columnist Ron Cook who is very connected with the Steelers organization and is closer to Ben Roethlisberger than any media member is, had a column about Antonio Brown last week in arguing the Steelers should trade Brown due to the salary cap.

The column had some headline worthy tidbits in the worst kept secret in town that Brown had purposely ran wrong patterns this past season.

[“The distractions are a real problem,” Cook said of Brown. “Brown’s three excessive celebrations penalties early in season were bad there. But there was the incident in the first Miami game when he jogged back to the line of scrimmage, delaying his teammates from running their two-minute offense. In more than one game, he wasn’t happy with how he was being used, he frequently ran the wrong patterns, either because of a lack of focus or worse intentionally. It happened a week in the AFC Championship [game]. That’s inexcusable.”]

The leaks to multiple outlets surrounding Brown over the last couple weeks are said to be coming from players and even coaches, but publicly Brown has received support from Art Rooney II and Mike Tomlin.

The trade talk, though, isn’t going to go away anytime soon until Antonio Brown actually signs an extension.

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