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Insider Only NFL: Doubts emerging about Roethlisberger’s availability vs San Diego next week?

Is Ben looking like a longshot for next Sunday?
For those banking on the Steelers getting Ben Roethlisberger back next week vs San Diego and running the table in the final four games, might be wishful thinking.

The concern in Steelers circles this weekend is whether Roethlisberger will have enough arm strength built up to start next week vs San Diego. Some close to the situation have their doubts and one feeling around the team is that as of today, it might be best to categorize Roethlisberger as a longshot for next week vs Chargers….. but there is a strong sense of optimism that Roethlisberger should be under center by the Dallas game.
Roethlisberger to this point has not shown the ability to put any zip on his throws or show any arm strength of 15+ yards, those who watch Roethlisberger throw this week contend. Steelers officials feel he is going to have to make huge strides in the coming week in building his arm strength back to be effective enough to garner consideration to play from the staff. With Ben you never want to rule him out, especially eight days before the next game, but it’s clear Roethlisberger is not a lock to play next week that some thought he would be based on info coming out last weekend.

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