NFL Draft: Georgia’s Stafford comes in at #1

11/28/08 — 2009 NFL Draft QUARTERBACK Rankings
1. Matthew Stafford- Georgia, Jr- Stafford remains in the number one slot, barely ahead of Sam Bradford. He has increased his passing yards and rating this season. More importantly though, his completion percentage has gone up over 5 points from last season, showing definite improvement in his weakest area.
2. Sam Bradford- Oklahoma, Eligible Soph- Bradford was red shirted which is why he is eligible for the 2009 NFL draft. He has proven this season that last was no fluke. He has improved in almost every area and has also improved his arm strength. He looks to be a sure first round pick if he declares for the draft.
3. Tim Tebow, Florida- Jr- Tebow’s stock continues to drop to the number three slot. He hasn’t had quite the marvelous season he had last season but he still shows the skills necessary to be an NFL quarterback. He could end up jumping into the later parts of the first round, but I don’t see him coming out this year anyway. Don’t bite completely on the suggestion that Tebow is a tight end prospect at this point.
4. Mark Sanchez- USC, Jr- Sanchez has shown a lot of skill this year and has proven that he was worth the wait. With that said, he hasn’t shown the consistency necessary to warrant a first round selection. At this point I see him returning to USC for his senior season.
5. Josh Freeman- Kansas State, Jr- Freeman doesn’t look to be a first rounder at this point, but the departure of coach Ron Prince could cause him to leave a year early. He isn’t flawless but he has shown a greater understanding of defenses. He adjusts well at the line and has really cut down on his mistakes this year.

6. Cullen Harper- Clemson, Sr- Cullen Harper really suffered from a split team this year. There were a lot of problems with the coaching staff and the overall direction of the team. He did continue to work well with Aaron Kelly but it was a down year. He’ll be lucky to slip into the first day of the draft.
7. Rhett Bomar, Sam Houston State, Sr- You may remember Bomar from his Oklahoma days. He played with very little help around him and put up very solid numbers. He will be a second day pick and it will still be a huge risk. At the very least he will need a few years as an understudy before being able to be an NFL starter.
8. Graham Harrell- Texas Tech, Sr- Harrell puts up great stats but that is due in large part to the system he plays in. Harrell also isn’t the most mobile quarterback in the world. With that said, Harrell has improved his pocket presence and he gets the ball out very quickly.
9. Nathan Brown- Central Arkansas, Sr- Brown doesn’t make too many mistakes and has a solid arm. The two biggest flaws he has are the completion he plays against, and he sometimes holds onto the ball too long causing too many sacks.
10. Rudy Carpenter- Arizona State, Sr- I’m a big fan of Carpenter and he has improved this season despite Arizona State taking a step back. He still has issues with pocket presence which should cause him to be a late round selection.

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