The first Sunday of NFL Football is over which means the first Monday night game is upon us. But we get a bonus game, Denver at Oakland, well not really a bonus. Heading into Monday night we find Depaoli in the lead of the Insider picks: Depaoli 10-4; Tim 8-6. Here are tonight’s previews and picks:
Minnesota at Green Bay 7:00pm – There is a lot of pressure on Aaron Rodgers but he has the weapons around him to be successful. The Packers don’t need him to put up 250+yards and 3TD’s. They just need him to manage the game and be efficient. Minnesota’s defense might be the best in the league – now they need their offense to pull their own weight.
Tim: Minnesota Depaoli: Green Bay
Denver at Oakland 10:15pm – The Black Hole will get their first look at rookie ball carrier Darren McFadden. Jay Cutler appears to be on the verge of turning the corner. The Broncos should put up a lot of points tonight. The Raiders will need to establish the run to be successful. The Broncos have the leagues #1 cornerback combo in Dre Bly and Champ Bailey but their front seven is nothing to brag about.
Tim: Denver Depaoli: Denver