Time really does fly. The first week of the NFL is upon us and we will take a quick look at each game. Our picks are just our opinions and should not be used in any illegal manner. We missed the Giants-Redskins game due to the new site being unveiled but trust us we both picked the Giants. With that said let’s take a look at Week One of the NFL:
Cincinnati at Baltimore 1:00pm – This game will give the winner the inside track for third place in the AFC North.
Tim: Cincinnati Depaoli: Cincinnati
N.Y. Jets at Miami 1:00pm– I can guarantee you that Brett Favre doesn’t lay down so Joey Porter can get a sack.
Tim: N.Y. Jets Depaoli: N.Y. Jets

Kansas City at New England 1:00pm – The Chiefs are just what the Patriots needed to cure their Super Bowl-hangover.
Tim: New England Depaoli: New England
Jacksonville at Tennessee 1:00pm – It is way too early in the season to have this match-up. Vince Young better be wearing his track shoes and “big boy” shoulder pads.
Tim: Jacksonville Depaoli: Tennessee
Detroit at Atlanta 1:00pm – Might be the least watched game this week¬†except for Matt Ryan’s extended family.
Tim: Detroit Depaoli: Detroit
Seattle at Buffalo 1:00pm – One team is on the rise and the other on the decline. Here’s a hint: the declining team is still mad about calls in a recent Super Bowl.
Tim: Buffalo Depaoli: Buffalo
Tampa Bay at New Orleans 1:00pm – Might be the most interesting match-up of the day – fast defense against an equally fast offense.
Tim: New Orleans Depaoli: Tampa Bay
St.Louis at Philadelphia 1:00pm – A match-up of two of the best running backs in the league.
Tim: Philadelphia Depaoli: Philadelphia
Dallas at Cleveland 4:15pm – Cleveland faces a tough two weeks to open the season; Pittsburgh is up next
Tim: Dallas Depaoli: Dallas
Carolina at San Diego 4:15pm – At least the weather will be nice for Carolina’s visit.
Tim: San Diego Depaoli: Carolina (Upset pick of the week)
Arizona at San Francisco 4:15pm – The winner of the NFC West just might be involved in this game.
Tim: San Francisco Depaoli: Arizona
Chicago at Indianapolis 8:15pm– How good can an NFL team be when they choose their pre-season starter at QB with a coin-flip?
Tim: Indianapolis Depaoli: Indianapolis
Didn’t forget – just saving the best for last:
Houston at Pittsburgh 1:00pm РIs it just me or is this town awfully quiet about the Steelers heading into the season?
Tim: Pittsburgh Depaoli: Pittsburgh
Check back¬†later for Monday night’s picks.