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Insider Only NFL: The Latest on Dick LeBeau’s Future with the Steelers

Although the team has never officially said this, Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker coach Keith Butler is the Steelers defensive coordinator in waiting {Language in Contract} and is off limits for other teams to talk with.
The reason to bring up Butler is that the national media has been buzzing over Dick LeBeau’s contract expiring with many NFL insiders including the likes of Chris Mortensen and Adam Schefter speculating that LeBeau could be elsewhere next season.
Here’s a few reasons why this isn’t much of a story locally and why it won’t become one other than the national media making it a topic….

1. The Steelers and LeBeau have a mutual understanding of taking things on a year by year basis. They weren’t going to give a 73 year old coach a multi-year contract.
2. I have yet to find anyone inside the organization whose says that Tomlin doesn’t want LeBeau back next season. If LeBeau isn’t coaching in Pittsburgh next season, the sense is it will be because he’s retiring. LeBeau though has indicated that intends to keep coaching and if he remains in good health, it’s going to be in Pittsburgh.
There is said to be a strong mutual interest from both sides.
The only way that could complicate LeBeau’s return is if there’s an out-clause in Butler’s contract, for example, if he’s not the defensive coordinator by a specific year he can pursue other jobs. The team restructured his deal last off-season with certain language in it.

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