Many NHL fans will not forget the 2004-2005 lockout which saw the National Hockey League miss an entire season due to a prolonged labor war between the NHL and the players union. Since the two sides came to an agreement in the summer of 2005, the NHL has seen it’s salary cap rise to $56 million and things seem to be going fairly well for the league financially. Despite a rising salary cap which keeps the players happy, the players union still has quite a few issues with the current CBA. The six-year CBA, which runs until Sept. 15, 2011, gives the NHLPA the right to reopen the agreement and begin negotiations on a new one by May 15 according to the Star-Tribune. The Union is currently touring all 30 NHL teams to get a general idea of what the players want to do. The Union will vote sometime during the season and if the Union agrees to terminate the current CBA they will make their intentions known prior to the May 15th deadline