Letang had left elbow inflammation to end the season

I got word this afternoon from sources that Kris Letang may have surgery on his left elbow. No other details were given to this point.
One source claims “Letang was pretty much guaranteed to have the surgery” following the season.
It was no secret that Letang had the injury during the finals but this is the first I’ve heard that he could need surgery.
This will stay in the rumor column until I get more info
Also, Sidney Crosby has considered getting a scope on his knee for a torn ligament and will make a decision within the next week on whether to have the surgery.
The torn ligament has improved through rehab, rest but doctors may want Crosby to have the scope.
Crosby would not miss anytime in training camp if he has the scope.
Updated: 8:22 p.m. – A source close to the team tells me it’s unlikely that Crosby has the scope procedure as rehab has been going well. It was under consideration this month.